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Has Your Inner Circle Made the Switch?

Filed in Lifestyle by on November 11, 2013

sexayIt’s likely that someone in your family or one of your good friends has made the switch to electric cigarettes. What was your reaction to their new gadget? Did you want one?

Maybe you’re the one that’s made the switch, and you’re looking for ways to introduce your friends and family to e-cigs. What should you tell them?

Whether you’re considering making the switch yourself and need an extra dosage of motivation, or you just need more information to share, you’ve come to the right place for answers!

A Brief Introduction

v2_DisposableSpreadAlthough the first e cig was traced back to 1927, it wasn’t until 2007 that the industry received its first international patent, allowing export from China. Since then, electric cigarettes have become increasingly popular across a wide range of consumers. When you consider the benefits, it’s no wonder people are making the switch.

With more and more emphasis placed on healthy living, coupled with hard evidence of the dangers of traditional cigarettes, many consumers have joined V2 Cigs in the e-cig revolution. Not only are people discovering the internal benefits, they are also discovering that electric cigarettes cost far less than analog cigarettes.

Consider all the people you know that have already made the switch. They probably have a good reason, or several. You should ask about them!


Maybe some of the following reasons will have you and your friends think twice before lighting up.


1. Cigarette smoke is harmful to you and others, and it has an offensive odor.
2. When you switch to e-cigs you’ll no longer contribute to the growing concern over cigarette butt litter and disposal. Cigarette butts can take up to 10 years to decompose and they generate a huge strain on public landfills. By switching to electric cigarettes, you’ll be a part of the solution; not the problem.
3. You can vape almost anywhere, without worrying about bothering the people around you.

Just ask a family member, friend or co-worker why they made the switch. Chances are you’ll be intrigued by their answer and want to make the switch too. When you’re ready, head over to!

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