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More News: Minors Can’t Get Ecigs in Florida & Recap of SFATA Fly-In

Filed in News & Politics by on November 15, 2013

Florida Senate Regulated Industries Committee

electronic cigarettes in floridaAfter a unanimous vote in the Senate, minors will not be allowed to purchase, possess, or use ecigs in Florida. According to the amended bill,

“The proposed legislation will classify e-cigarettes as an alternative nicotine product or nicotine dispensing device and it will suggest methods to prevent minors from getting e-cigarettes.”

Here’s the abstract:

“Nicotine Dispensing Devices; Prohibiting the gift of sample nicotine dispensing devices to persons under 18 years of age; prohibiting the selling, delivering, bartering, furnishing, or giving of nicotine dispensing devices to persons under 18 years of age, to which penalties apply; prohibiting persons under 18 years of age from possessing, purchasing, or misrepresenting their age or military service to purchase nicotine dispensing devices; requiring certain signage where a dealer sells nicotine dispensing devices, etc.”

Basically, if you’re not 18 or older, you’re not allowed to buy, possess, or enjoy ecigs if you’re in Florida – a rule every state should adopt. This ruling will go into full effect by mid-2014. But, retailers are already restricting sales to minors in several locations throughout the states – so parents can rest assured that it’s already becoming quite difficult for minors to get their hands on ecigs.

SFATA Fly-In; Washington DC
SFATA_Capitol Hill_F
Last week, the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), hosted an event in Washington DC in order to allow members and advocates of the ecig industry to voice their opinions in a way that would be heard by policy makers. It was a productive event, and hopefully eye-opening for some.

Here are some links for you to check out:

Model bill, presented by SFATA

Letter to Congress from SFATA

Agenda of the Fly-In

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