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Product Spotlight: Portable Charging Case

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A-PCC-3colorHas your e cig ever lost power when you didn’t have access to a charger? If so, you will love the products we’re spotlighting in this post…

Today, let’s talk about one of the most popular accessories from V2 Cigs: the Portable Charging Case (PCC). Giving you the option to charge your ecigarettes on-the-go, the PCC is a must-have for any serious vaper.

If you’re looking to purchase a PCC, there are two options to choose from. You can get the standard size or the XL. What’s the difference?

Standard Portable Charging Case
v2 cigs portable charging case
With the standard V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case, you’ll be able to charge one standard or shorty battery at a time. The PCC will fully charge up to 4 standard V2 batteries before needing to be plugged in. You’ll also have enough space to store two extra flavor cartridges or another electronic cigarette battery.

XL Portable Charging Case
With the Portable Charging Case XL, you’ll be able to charge any size battery from V2 Cigs, including long. The PCC XL will charge up to 8 standard batteries when you’re away from a power source. And, there is enough room to store three extra flavor cartridges or one extra ecig battery.

What are the benefits?

– Each PCC is slimmer than a pack of cigarettes, designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand
– You can choose from three attractive colors; Graphite, Stainless Steel, and Glossy White
– Easy-to-read indicator lights provide accurate charge readings of your battery
– You can see the indicator lights change as your battery charges
– A stylish and hygienic way to carry and charge your electronic cigarettes on-the-go

I’ve ordered my PCC! How do I use it?

A-PCC2-Graphite-CLOSEUP-LIGHTON1. First, charge your PCC by connecting to any standard USB port; including the V2 Car Charger and V2 Wall Charger.
2. Then, when you’re away from a power source, attach your electronic cigarette battery by screwing it into the metal piece in the PCC.
3. Slide the case closed and watch the indicator lights change as your battery charges!

The Portable Charging Cases from V2 Cigs are excellent for keeping your ecigarettes organized and ready to enjoy wherever life takes you!