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Say Hello to the New EX Batteries – The V2 You Know Multiplied by WOW

Filed in New Products by on November 15, 2013

EX-Battery-Intro-Slider-v2Introducing the new V2 EX Series! We launched our popular EX Blanks in June 2013 to rave reviews from our fans. A tank-like clearomizer the size of a microcig, these blanks provided thicker vapor and a stronger flavor profile than our standard V2 Blanks. A screw-on cap made these high-performing clearos virtually leak-free and refills were a cinch.

Today, you’re invited to experience the coolest battery on the market. Get to know the V2 EX Battery! This battery incorporates cutting-edge design to provide you with new levels of customization and a range of new features. Select from five contemporary new patterns for the ultimate custom experience: Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber, Scarlet Metallic, Royale and Bloom. Each EX Battery comes with a matching cartridge sleeve which fits snugly over both V2 Classic and EX Cartridges*, creating a modern, streamlined look.

We replaced the plastic tip found on our Classic Batteries with a smooth metal finish. A series of LED lights on the body of the battery glow with each puff, indicating the charge level remaining. This feature was based directly on your feedback and we’re thrilled to deliver! We took the guess-work out of charging, so you’ll never be stuck with a dead battery again.

So, what does the future hold for V2 Cigs? Get ready for the EX Cartridge – arriving in 2014! The EX Cartridge is the result in groundbreaking innovation and technological advancement. This redesigned cartridge provides up to 500 puffs, while maintaining thick vapor and a rich flavor profile. In short, the EX Cartridge is set to redefine electronic cigarettes. It’s the V2 you know – multiplied by WOW!

The entire EX Series is fully compatible will all V2 Cigs products.

*EX Battery Cartridge Sleeve does not fit EX Blanks.


Comments (3)

  1. Kay E Hurley says:

    When will the new EX Cartridge be available? Will it be available in menthol?

  2. Wendi says:

    What month is the EX Cartridge going to be released.
    I can’t wait.

  3. welob77 says:

    Does the ex blank tank fit the original v2 cig battery? Or do I need to buy the ex battery to use the tank?