The Best Hiding Places for Your Electronic Cigarettes… And Other Stuff

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shutterstock_86889490What’s the best way to keep your electronic cigarettes, vaping supplies and any other secret stashes out of reach from pets, children and even snooping adults? A good hiding spot, of course!

We did some research and found lots of ideas on how to hide valuables so they won’t be found by thieves. But what about hiding stuff from people that are close to you, like curious family members, children and friends? While it may be funny to find your Aunt Margaret, crouching and hiding as she vapes your electric cigarette in your laundry room, you’d rather have your stuff to yourself. So how do you keep Auntie from getting her hands on your goods? Here are some ideas…

Do-It-Yourself Hiding Places
hiding doorHidden Door Stash – If you’re super-tall, this will be a great spot for you! Since most doors are hollow, all you’ll need is an electric screwdriver and some handiwork. Check out this article we found for more instructions.

hiding ex in bookMake Your Own Book Safe – Hollow out one of those books you definitely aren’t going to read. Preferably, choose a book that NO ONE will want to read! Maybe you have an old textbook lying around… Take a box cutter and cut a square or rectangle out of a section in the middle of the book (you can find more detailed instructions by doing a quick search on google). Put your stuff inside, and store the book flat on your desk or high up on a shelf, where no one will ever think (or want!) to open it!

hiding cereal box safe.PNGFind Your Own Nooks & Crannies – Every home usually has its own unique hiding places, all set up! You just need to find them… Look by your air vents, on top of cabinets, and search your kitchen and bathrooms for sneaky spots; just don’t put your stuff too low to the ground if you have children.

Cereal Box – When you finish your next box of cereal, save the box to use as a hiding container! Place it in your cabinet behind everything else. If you live with other people, get a cereal no one likes, so your roomies or family won’t end up pouring themselves a bowl of electronic cigarettes. Or something else…

Vacuum Cleaner – Who would have thought a vacuum cleaner would be an ideal hiding spot? It’s borderline genius… Get an old canister-style vacuum, gut it, and store your stuff in the large compartment. No one’s gonna touch that!

Hiding Places You Can Buy
hiding places light safe
If you’re looking for a quick fix and don’t have much time, there are several products you can purchase to use as hiding places…

1. Safes: Get a small safe and place it in your closet, bathroom or dresser drawer. For extra security, bolt it to the ground or a wall.

2. Book Safes: You can easily find safes disguised as books online. These also make great gifts!

3. Light Safe: Check out this nifty gadget! It looks like a standard “touch” light, and even works like one! But you can open the front to expose a hidden compartment large enough to store a whole kit of electronic cigarettes… This one is going on our holiday wish list!

Don’t Do These Things

Don’t put e cigs in the freezer! The freezer is a great place to store money, but don’t put your vaping supplies there. The cold could alter the composition of your e-liquid, and possibly compromise the integrity of the electrical components in your batteries.

Don’t hide your e cigs in the back of your toilet if you have a kid, or a toilet that doesn’t work so well (kids can reach, and if your toilet gets messed up, your cover will be blown!). But, it’s a pretty good spot for other stuff if you live alone – just make sure you put everything in a water-tight bag or container!

Don’t store anything under your mattress – since it’s such a well-known hiding spot, it’s the first place snoopers will look for goodies…

Now it’s your turn. Go hide some stuff! Where will you put your electronic cigarette?