Ecigs & Menthol – What’s the Deal?

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Menthol is a flavor we have all come to know and love. Candy canes during the holidays, after-dinner mints, flavored toothpaste and soothing cough drops have become important parts of our lives! Fancy a tasty mojito? Make sure you’ve got fresh mint! Read on to learn more about the chemistry, history and uses for menthol.

shutterstock_41334604Menthol can be created in a laboratory or through extraction from the peppermint plant. Normally, it’s obtained through a scientific extraction process, incorporating a variety of mint oils such as peppermint and corn mint, all of which affect the flavor and aroma. In its natural state, menthol appears as a waxy substance that is clear or white in color and easily melts just above room temperature.

History & Usage

shutterstock_98485019There is some evidence that supports the discovery and use of menthol in Japan dating back over 2000 years ago; however, it was not introduced to Western culture until 1771. After its Western debut, menthol grew in popularity due to its pungent but refreshing aroma and flavor used in cigarettes and other products.

Since its introduction to Western culture, menthol has become widely incorporated into a variety of consumer products. One of the most common ways to enjoy menthol is as a flavor additive in tobacco products and ecigs. Other uses include aromatherapy for upper respiratory infections and minor throat irritations, cosmetics, massage oils, household cleaning products and a variety of health and wellness products such as lozenges and cold medicines. Many years ago, people discovered that chewing peppermint leaves created a familiar refreshing minty flavor, making it a popular treatment for bad breath.

Menthol in Electric Cigarettes

If you like to review product labels, you’ll be surprised at the amount of menthol flavoring that’s used in miscellaneous household and beauty products – there’s a lot! However, for individuals that want to enjoy its refreshing taste and aroma every day, it’s easy to find an e cig with a menthol flavor cartridge. Just visit!