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Giving the Best E-Cigs

Filed in Lifestyle by on December 6, 2013

Is there someone special in your life that you want to buy electronic cigarettes for, but you don’t know which color they’d prefer? Don’t just buy any shade of electronic cigarette; we offer a range of battery customization options. What’s more, each battery features advanced V2 Cigs technology and is easy to use for the novice or the ecig veteran, alike. To help you choose the perfect e-cig to give this holiday season, we’ve put together this little V2 Cigs Gift Givers Guide.

What makes ecigarettes from V2 Cigs the perfect gift? Aside from being the most advanced ecigarettes available on the market today, V2 Batteries come in shades to complement any personality. With robust vapor production and a puff count that surpasses most comparatively sized electronic cigarette batteries, it’s no wonder V2 Cigs is the world’s #1 online choice. Cutting-edge technology, established quality standards and easy customization options make V2 Cigs the brand to which none compares.

Having chosen the best e-cig, it’s time to select the unique color that fits the personality of your loved one. Below, you’ll find a guide to help you pick the shade which truly matches the special person you’re shopping for.

batteriesV2 Stainless: This person is modern, tech-savvy and loves to splurge on new gadgets. They prefer a day in the city to a weekend in the country. This person thrives on modern technology and knows how to use it.

V2 Black: This personality is a true example of still waters that run deep. They know that discretion is the better part of valor and prefer to blend into the scene rather than be the center of attention.

V2 Blue: A fun color to fit that fun-loving person in your life! This is for that bold head-turner.

V2 White: The Classic. Takes comfort in the traditional.

V2 Pink: Subtle, sweet and feminine. You love her.

Good Luck & Happy Holidays.

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