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News Alert: Conflicted EU Regulations

Filed in News & Politics by on December 2, 2013

shutterstock_93413884There’s conflict brewing between policymakers in the EU…

Members of the European Commission recently held a mysterious meeting in Brussels… Allegedly, the discussion involved creating amendments that would pose a direct challenge to the Tobacco Directive ratified by Parliament in October.

The Commission’s suggested amendments would make it extremely difficult for the ecig industry and its consumers to get their products.

Here are some examples of what changes are being proposed, according to Clive Bates:

• Allows only single-use e cigarette cartridges. No refillable units or tanks will be permitted
• Allows only flavors already approved for use in NRT
• Limits nicotine density to 20mg/ml maximum
• Limits nicotine content of any container to just 10mg/unit
• Bans advertising in press or printed publications (except trade), on radio, TV and the internet (through “information society services“)
• Requires the submission of data demonstrating results of quality control

Dr. Farsalinos, an expert in the ecig industry, gives an excellent summary: “The European Commission is deciding on regulation contrary to Parliament proposals, contrary to scientific findings and contrary to public health interest.”

While things aren’t looking so great for the European e cigarette industry right now, this process is nowhere near complete; in the EU, new legislation must pass through Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers before being enacted. After the struggle between Parliament and the Commission, we have yet to see any light at the end of this tunnel…

At least we all agree the kids shouldn’t use them.

What can you do, right now? Tweet, of course! The E-Cigarette Forum is hosting a “Twitterbomb” to raise awareness for e cigarette legislation in the EU. Use hashtags #EUecigban #ecigs and #EU to gain exposure and influence others.

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