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Calling All Jetsetters: Electronic Cigarettes in Airports

Filed in News & Politics by on December 9, 2013

shutterstock_84057265Traveling anytime soon? If so, you’ll most likely notice people enjoying electronic cigarettes out in the open. As travel officials and the general public become increasingly more familiar with and open-minded about these popular gadgets, the confusion is slowly clearing up. Rational, straightforward e cig guidelines are gradually being introduced in several airports, and in different locations throughout the world.

According to a recent article published by USA Today, several US airports have already issued regulations surrounding e cigarettes. Maintaining the theme of controversy within the industry, some airports have completely banned e cigarettes, while some allow people to enjoy theirs wherever they’d like. Still some airports have specified areas where e cigarettes are permitted, while banning them from all other locations.

It’s still the decision of each individual airline whether or not travelers may enjoy an e cig during flight. And according to the Airports Council International, “State and local laws dictate how airports govern their [ecig] use indoors.”

In the UK, London Heathrow Airport recently opened the first ever ecig lounge in one of their terminals, sponsored by an international manufacturer.

E Cig Friendly Airports:

1. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
2. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport
3. Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport
4. Charlotte Douglas International Airport
5. Miami International Airport
6. John F. Kennedy International Airport (select areas)
7. New York City’s LaGuardia International Airport (select areas)
8. Philadelphia International Airport (smoking sections only)
9. San Francisco International Airport (smoking sections only)
10. Los Angeles International Airport (smoking sections only)
11. All Chicago Airports (smoking sections only)

e cigarettes in airports
For more details, visit the interactive map (above) on USA Today. If there’s no specified policy, it’s up to the local laws or the airport officials.

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