Raise Your Glasses! Six Cocktails to Pair with Your E Cigs

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The only thing better than seeing distant family members during the holidays is seeing those family members after they’ve had a few cocktails. Make those occasions even more interesting by pairing your favorite beverages with your favorite e cigs.

shutterstock_165632945Eggnog and V2 Cinnamon: You’ve just experienced 2 months of holiday bombardment through commercials, house lights, Christmas carols and non-stop TV specials. But, that’s not enough. You want more. Eggnog was created so that you can exude holiday goodness while drinking something delicious. Follow each sip with the taste of V2 Cinnamon and you’ll have enough holiday spirit to last until July.

shutterstock_81784003Beer and V2 Red: You’re at a bar with friends. Everyone is having a great time. Then someone makes the suggestion to go somewhere else. You go to another bar and it’s too crowded. The next bar is dead. At least you have a V2 Red to enjoy with your overpriced beer. Before you know it, the night is on a downward spiral that’s headed straight toward Denny’s. Sometimes, you just need to stick to the basics. Think inside the box. Just enjoy your favorite beer with your favorite ecigarettes. Don’t mess with it.

shutterstock_90848483Rum and V2 Cola: Rum and V2 Cola Flavor Cartridges go together like rum and recent college graduates or rum and the recently divorced or rum and the recently employed (or unemployed). We don’t know exactly why rum and V2 Cola Flavor Cartridges work so well together (that’s a personal decision), but one thing is for sure—ice is cold. Enjoy it with your rum and V2 Cola.

shutterstock_125267408Tequila and V2 Menthol: Have you ever had something taste so good that it almost hurts? That’s what happens when you pair V2 Menthol with a straight up, ice-cold margarita. What’s better than tequila and mint? For best results, add guacamole and tortilla chips. Ole!

shutterstock_106949789Vodka and Cherry: You’re in the mood for something a little unexpected. Tonight you’re going someplace different. Who knows where you’ll end up? Anything goes. When vodka and cherry get together, you don’t make plans for the next few days – life becomes all about spontaneity, hangovers and V2 Cherry Flavor Cartridges. Perfect for the holidays.

shutterstock_151448459Peppermint and anything in a martini glass: Remember when a martini glass used to say “style and sophistication?” Now it just seems to say “overpriced, fruity cocktail that some guy I just met is about to pay way too much for.” It doesn’t matter if it’s an appletini or a Cosmopolitan. When it’s time to escape, the peppermint flavor from your V2 Cigs electric cigarette provides the perfect end to a completely forgettable evening.