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V2 Cigs: Born in Miami

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v2 cigs, electronic cigarette, best ecig, ecigaretteAt V2 Cigs, we realize that most of our customers will be experiencing freezing temperatures from one of the most brutal winters on record. Even though we’re headquartered down here in Miami, we’re not going to rub our warm, comfortable temperatures in your face. We’re not going to show a picture of our office overlooking Biscayne Bay where we have a perfect sunrise view every morning. We promise not to include pictures of ourselves lounging on our world-famous beach that’s only minutes away, while other parts of the world are using heavy machinery to move around large amounts of snow.

ex battery, electronic cigarette, best ecigTo us, Miami is more than just a warm place for celebrities to hang out. Miami is the home of style, glamour, beauty and art. At V2 Cigs, we feed off this culture to deliver higher quality, eye-catching products. There are so many e cigarettes out there and most are just plain boring. Other e-cig companies think giving you an alternative to smell, smoke and ash is enough. At V2 Cigs, we know it’s not.

It’s the spirit of Miami that pushes us to bring you something better. Delivering the richest and most satisfying vapor is only the beginning. Your ecigs should say something about who you are. That’s why our new EX Batteries come in the most state-of-the-art designs. Your electric cigarette will steal the spotlight in Scarlet Metallic. The matching cartridge sleeve completes this modern look.