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Why the V2 Holiday Kit is Simply the Best Gift You Can Give

Filed in Lifestyle by on December 17, 2013

The V2 Holiday Kit really is the best gift you can give.

V2_Cigs_2013_Holiday_Starter_Kit__80582_zoomWe’re not just saying that because we work for V2 Cigs, maker of the best e cigs in the world. We’re saying that because it’s true. Right now, you’re probably experiencing holiday panic after sleeping through Black Friday and deleting all 789 of your Cyber Monday emails.

You need to get someone the perfect gift. But, they already have everything. They don’t even know what they want.

The V2 Holiday Kit is great because most people don’t know they want it until they actually get it. After they open and try it, they’re so happy because they got a gift they never expected…

Chances are, at least one smoker in your life has tried electronic cigarettes. With over 400 ecig companies out there, how can they not? Most of the other brands are just OK. They’re nothing to get excited about. Some companies are in it for the quick buck. Others are so big, they lose focus on quality. The wrong ecigarettes can turn someone away from the whole industry.

If the smoker in your life spent a chunk of change on underwhelming electronic cigarettes, they’re not going to keep throwing down money until they find the one they like. Most people who’ve tried V2 Cigs have come back for more; over 82% of our fans have become return customers.

Limited_Edition_V2_Cigs_Cinnamon_Flavor_Cartridges_(5-Pack)__46147_zoomSo, on Christmas morning, have your camera ready to capture the look on his or her face after unwrapping the V2 Holiday Kit. Capture the excitement as they find two V2 Batteries, ten V2 Cinnamon Flavor Cartridges, one wall adapter, one USB charger and one user’s manual. By the way, you just saved an extra $20 by not having to buy all of this stuff separately.

Take another picture after their first few puffs. You’ll see a whole new world opening up in front of their face. A world filled with rich, satisfying vapor. Snap a few photos of relieved family members who see a future with less of the offensive odors that come with traditional cigarettes.

As the holidays come to a close, you’ll be able to kick back in your jammies knowing that you were one of the few gift-givers who got it right.

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