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You Know You’re a Vaper When…

Filed in Lifestyle by on January 27, 2014

Enjoying electronic cigarettes is more than just inhaling and exhaling. It’s a way of life. There’s an entire community of people waiting to share their support. When you start vaping, your life starts changing.

So, how do you know when you’re a vaper?

v2 cigs1. Vaping is more than a hobby for you – it’s a lifestyle.

2. You feel perfectly comfortable vaping in public. It’s not a wanna-be tobacco cigarette – it’s just your e-cig.

3. Sometimes you try to ash your ecigarette. Then, you look around to make sure no one noticed.

4. You order more e-liquid than you could possibly vape in a year, just so you can test new flavors.

5. You want to kiss the mailman when he arrives with your vapemail.

6. You know what vapemail is.

7. The non-words, “vaper” and “vaping” make perfect sense to you.

8. It bothers you when someone calls a vaper a “vapor” – they are two totally different things.

9. You try to hide your e-cig from everyone around you so that they can’t ask for a puff. (See next point and you’ll understand why some of us need to hide)

10. A friend asks for a drag of your e cig, and you really don’t want to share – but you do any way. As you suspected, the mouthpiece gets drooled on and you end up just giving away one of your favorite electric cigarettes. Thanks, amigos…. Not! (bring extra V2 disposables with you for times like this)

v2 e-cigHave you ever done anything that only your fellow vapers would understand? Tell us in the comment section, or check us out on Twitter @v2cigs and use #vaperproblems to share your own vaper problems! We may even tweet you back…

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Comments (7)

  1. BillyBob says:

    This list is absolutely, positively the truth! I’ve been vaping for only two months now, but I can say for a fact that especially #4 is true. There are a lot of flavors I want to try, and right now, I must have a good year’s supply of juice to go through. Lol!

    • Tom Davids says:

      This is true, especially No 8, I always get my ejuice every month and I like trying different flavors. I like the fruity flavor and a mix of vanilla. I really enjoy vaping as It has totally transformed my life. No more chest pains thanks to the smoke-less e-cigarettes.

  2. Gwen says:

    You know you’re a vaper when, after smoking a regular cigarette, you reach for your e-cig to get rid of the tobacco taste.

    • Tom Davids says:

      Sure, I remember last year when I went out with my friends who were smokers and they convinced me to have a puff, I couldn’t put up with the taste of the cigarette and I immediately reached out for my e-cigarette to drive out the bad taste from my mouth. No matter how anyone tries to convince me, I will never go back to smoking because the benefits of vaping are clearly evident in my life.

  3. Gina says:

    I am a total mailman stalker when I am waiting on new stuff!

  4. Annie says:

    You know you’re a Vaper when you look all around the house for your e-cig, only to discover that you stuck it in your pocket 😉

  5. Adam McGerry says:

    You are writing punctual and perfect blog and there are many things you write here i like that especially no 2 & 4 most attractive me so Vapor become our life style and it is very smooth thing for me