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6 Cool Gadgets that are Almost as Awesome as Ecigs

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 27, 2014

If you’re reading this, you probably already think ecigs are pretty awesome… So today, let’s explore some other interesting gadgets and gizmos. Last month, during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, hundreds of new technology products were revealed to attendees. Portable speakers, external battery packs, 4K televisions, smart watches and activity trackers were everywhere, alongside more bizarre prototypes like flying robots and an $80,000 video projector.

Curious to find out more, we sifted through countless articles and reviews from well-known CES attendees, and compiled the following list with some of our favorite gadgets* for 2014…

gadgets and ecigs bluetooth toothbrush1. Bluetooth Toothbrushes – A toothbrush that will monitor your brush strokes, analyze your technique, and make sure you’re not cutting any corners. Then, it will send your personal statistics straight to your smartphone, along with some recommendations to help you brush better. Your mother probably stopped nagging you about your teeth years ago; now, your toothbrush and its corresponding app can pick up where she left off (in a less-annoying way)…

2. Appliances that Text – Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your fridge if there’s any beer left? Apparently, there will soon be an app that lets you communicate via text with your home appliances. So while you’re enjoying an electric cigarette at work, you can turn on the washing machine and tell your robotic vacuum to pick up that mess you “forgot” to take care of. (Excuse us while we text our freezer for some ice cream…)
gadgets and ecigs
3. Camera Balls – With 36 tiny cameras and a (hopefully) durable shell, you just throw one of these innovative balls into the air; once it reaches its highest point, each internal camera will snap its own picture. Those images will then be transformed into a panoramic photo that you can view through the corresponding app. We just want to know what happens when the camera comes down… Do you try to catch it, or just let it fall?
ecigs and gadgets
4. Smart Thermostats – Here in Miami, we like to crank the AC at night; but, sometimes it’s hard to remember to raise the temperature before leaving the house in the morning (no one likes obscene power bills!). With these new smart thermostats, you can control your AC from anywhere by simply accessing an app on your tablet or smartphone. Some of them can even play music…
gadgets and gizmos and ecigs
5. Activity Trackers – Also known as fitness bands, these gadgets are available in a range of designs, mostly resembling odd styles of watches and other wrist wear. Several tech companies have already released their own versions, but they all serve a similar purpose: to analyze your daily physical activity and monitor how you sleep. Most have apps that help you track your progress. We’re about to get to know ourselves better than ever before.
gizmos and ecigs
6. Smart Watches – These are slowly entering the mainstream market and improving with every new version. Wrapped around your wrist, a smart watch will let you view texts, answer calls and read emails without ever looking at your phone (you don’t even have to put down your e-cig). Have some fun by creating your own punch line; before answering a call, say something like, “go-go gizmo smart watch!” Just don’t do it too often…gadgets and ecigs

ex battery, ecigs BONUS Cool Gadget #7: EX Batteries by V2 Cigs® – We couldn’t leave e cigarettes out of an article about cool gadgets… Our new EX Batteries are packed with innovative features like power indicator lights and stronger, more robust vapor productiona sleek, metal tip. These awesome ecigs come in five sleek cutting-edge designs with matching cartridge sleeves: Brushed Steel, Carbon Fiber, Scarlett Metallic, Royale (for the card players), and Bloom (for the ladies). Pick one up for just $29.95 – it’s the least expensive item on this list!

What gadgets and gizmos do you want to try this year? Let us know in the comment section.

*We haven’t listed any brand names, in order to preserve their integrity, and to cover our own butts. If you want to learn more about the products mentioned, a simple google search should provide you with plenty of answers.

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