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Cherry Flavor Cartridges Now Available in 2.4%

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v2 cherryYou spoke up, and we listened. After reviewing feedback from our fans, we developed and produced V2 Cherry Flavor Cartridges in 2.4% nicotine strength. The first of our e cigarette specialty flavors to be offered in 2.4%, Cherry, will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting even more…

What does it taste like?

v2 cigs cherry e cigarettesHave you ever tried a Tequila Sunrise? It’s a delicious cocktail featuring orange juice, tequila, and cherry-flavored grenadine. If you sip one through a straw, you’ll first taste the cherry goodness from the grenadine at the bottom. When sipping straight from the glass, you’ll finish your cocktail off with a few gulps of grenadine. And then you’ll know what a V2 Cherry Flavor Cartridge tastes like…

v2 cigs cherry e cigarette flavor

V2 Tip: Pair your e cigarette with a Tequila Sunrise or another cherry-flavored cocktail; if your taste buds could talk, they would probably thank you.

Why is 2.4% nicotine so awesome?

With 2.4% nicotine strength (the strongest we offer), you’ll experience Cherry through an extra-rich, satisfying throat hit. The flavor will be more robust and the vapor will be thicker. It’s a fresh way to enjoy the taste of cherry in your ecig – and it’s an excellent choice for serious vapers.

What other flavors does V2 Cigs offer in 2.4% nicotine?

If you love vaping with stronger, more robust flavors, a higher level of nicotine in your e cigarette will leave you fully satisfied. In addition to Cherry, V2 offers the following flavors in 2.4% nicotine strength: V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Peppermint, and Mint Tea. Try one, or try them all!

What other ecig flavors would you like to have in 2.4% nicotine strength?