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Do’s & Don’ts of Carrying Your E-cig

Filed in E-Cig Lovers by on February 24, 2014

A huge advantage to vaping is the ability to enjoy an e-cig almost anywhere. But how do you tote yours from place to place without losing it? Do you have a V2® carrying case or lanyard – or do you just improvise? It’s important to keep your electric cigarettes clean and secure while you’re on-the-go; so, we made up a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to reveal the best (and worst) ways to carry your e-cigs…

Here’s what we DO recommend:
v2 cigs soft case
DO store it in a V2 Soft Case. A popular accessory for the V2 fans that have it all, this case will hold three electric cigarette batteries of any size (even with flavor cartridges attached), four individual cartridges and a V2 Express Charger. There’s even a bonus hidden pocket for you to store cash, credit cards and anything else you think of…

v2 cigs pccDO get yourself a V2 Portable Charging Case (PCC) or V2 Portable Charging Case XL (PCC XL). Designed by V2 engineers to be the most powerful and sophisticated charging cases available, our slim, yet durable, PCC’s will charge your e-cig right in your pocket (or your bag, or wherever else you keep it). When a battery is attached, you’ll be able to watch the indicator lights change, reflecting how much power remains in both the case and the battery. Cool stuff!

v2 lanyardDO hang it around your neck. The V2 Lanyard was designed with one purpose: to provide you with a convenient, secure vaping experience. Our lanyards feature custom-molded rubber attachments that snugly grip your ecigarette battery, with air holes that allow it to function smoothly while attached. Available in red, blue or black, you can wear the V2 Lanyard over or under your clothes.

Here’s what we DON’T recommend:

DON’T dangle it from your mouth. You could drop it.

DON’T put it behind your ear. You could also drop it.

DON’T put it in your pocket for the whole day. You could lose it.

DON’T just toss it in your computer bag or luggage. It could get damaged and it will probably get dirty.

IOHO (in our humble opinion), it’s best to utilize accessories specifically designed by V2 to keep your e-cigs safe and performing like new. Any other way could leave you with a dirty e cig and a bad taste in your mouth – or with no e-cig at all…

How do you carry your e-cig?


Comments (2)

  1. James Blythe says:

    I cut the end off one of the 4-slot foam inserts that the batteries came shipped in; slipped that down inside a soft leather sunglass case with a built-in clip. The foam holds the e-cigs securely, I can clip it to my belt or slip it in a coat pocket, and they slide out easily when I want a quick vape. I use the Ex Blank carts and the long batteries, so the e-cigs stick up out of the case about 3/8″. With 4 units in there, I’ve got vape power all day!

  2. Karen says:

    I am hoping for V2 to come up with a way to carry the EX Blanks (filled); along with a couple of batteries. I have rigged up one of the metal cases to carry some with me while I’m on the go, but I have to make sure that I keep the case UP-RIGHT or the liquid will spill out.
    With that said, I still LOVE this product. It has saved my life after smoking for over 40 years. On May 15th, it will be a year since I have smoked a “real” cig. Once I found V2…I have never gone back. I tell everyone. “I didn’t quit smoking. I just switched brands!”
    Thanks V2 for your awesome product and excellent customer service, Karen