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Product Spotlight: V2 Disposable Sampler Packs, Featuring Zig-Zag™ E-Cigs

Filed in New Products by on February 14, 2014

Here at V2 Cigs, we love our Disposable e cigarettes. Most of us stock up frequently – it’s nice to share them with our friends and family and an e cig makes a great conversation starter while we’re out and about. V2 engineers designed our Disposables using cutting-edge materials to give each unit a mouthpiece that mimics the feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette in a way that’s completely satisfying… Plus, the rich vapor is pretty impressive.

If you haven’t tried them yet, we recommend picking up a V2 Disposable Sampler Pack, featuring Zig-Zag™ E-Cigs. These single-use ecigs are convenient and powerful…

What are your options?

Disposable Sampler (3-Pack; $15.95) – You’ll get one V2 Disposable 400P, one Zig-Zag Disposable 200P and one Zig-Zag Disposable 400P.
v2 disposable ecigs, single use electronic cigarettes

Disposable Sampler (6-Pack; $29.95) – You’ll get double the fun with this pack, which comes stocked with four Zig-Zag disposables (two in 200P and two in 400P) and two V2 disposables in 400P.
v2 zig-zag e-cigs disposables

Need more info?

– The 200P and 400P mean you’ll get up to 200 or 400 satisfying puffs of rich vapor, respectively

– “P” stands for “puff count”

– Zig-Zag Disposable 200P comes in 2.4% nicotine

– V2 and Zig-Zag 400P disposables come in 1.8% nicotine

– Each pack is available in your choice of rich Tobacco Flavor or cool Menthol

Pick up a pack and tell us what you think!

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