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Vapor for Foodies

Filed in Lifestyle by on February 10, 2014

Do you ever choose a beverage just because you know it will complement your meal? It’s fairly common knowledge that red wine tastes great with steak, beer goes with pizza, white wine goes with fish and champagne goes with strawberries. Of course, some people have their own favorite pairings – like milk and cookies or orange soda in a bowl of cereal (seriously, we saw that on TV last night).

Many smokers will say that cigarettes taste best between courses, and/or right after a meal. We’ve found that the same goes for electronic cigarettes; vaping certain flavors after eating can really enhance your culinary experience. The trick is to identify the primary flavors in your food (or drink) and match them with those in your ecig. This may take some practice, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Some people like to enjoy their ecig at the table between courses, while others prefer to vape after a meal – some people even go both ways. Whatever your preference, here are six flavor combinations we think you’ll want to try:

1. V2 Red and Beef: V2 Red’s bold, classic tobacco flavor pairs perfectly with rich, dark meats. Try vaping V2 Red after a meal of short ribs and grilled vegetables. These full-bodied flavors may open doors to new culinary experiences.

v2 ecig with steak

2. Congress and Seafood: Congress is a popular V2 Cigs® tobacco flavor that tastes even more delicious when paired with certain foods from the sea, like crab cakes or oysters. Try pasta with a light crème sauce as a side dish – and invite a hot date over for a romantic dinner…

v2 ecig with oysters

3. V2 Cola and Fast Food: The sweet taste of a cola-flavored e cig makes comfort food even more comfortable. Enjoy it after pizza, burgers, tacos or anything else hot, greasy and fried. Your taste buds will be thrilled and you needn’t feel guilty for indulging – we think you deserve it.

v2 ecig with hot dog and cola

4. Vanilla and Dessert: Vanilla-flavored e cigarettes are a staple for many V2 Cigs fans… We’ve found that almost any dessert enhances this sweet flavor, and vice versa; French vanilla with any type of chocolate is a winning combination – ice cream, anyone? Cheesecake is also a favorite, and any kind of fruit tart, pie or turnover will definitely please your guests – and your taste buds.
v2 vanilla ecig

5. Cherry and Salads: Try a grilled romaine salad with pieces of bacon, crushed walnuts, sliced apples and a drizzle of Roquefort vinaigrette. It’s refreshing, different, and surprisingly tasty. You’ll never again want to eat a salad without chasing it with your cherry-flavored ecig…

v2 ecig with salad

6. Coffee and Donuts: A classic duo, all day long! For breakfast, enjoy your coffee-flavored ecig with donuts, bagels, eggs or bacon. Pair it with a piece of biscotti when you’re craving a snack, or finish off your dinner with a light dessert and some coffee-flavored vapor.

v2 ecig with coffee and donuts

Use your imagination and you’ll discover a world of flavors like never before… Whether you’re enjoying an ecig during your meal, or after, it’s sure to be a delicious experience.

What are your favorite flavors?


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