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8 Activities to Move You through the Workday

Filed in Lifestyle by on March 26, 2014

deskerciseSince switching to electronic cigarettes, have you been walking around much at work? You’ve given up your cigarette breaks and now you can literally sit at your desk all day long, V2® Power Cig in hand, butt glued to chair. As nice as it is to just sit at your desk and vape, staying active throughout the day will keep you energized and in good spirits. You can still keep your e cig close, at all times.

To get more active at work, replace your old cigarette breaks with some “deskercise” (see tips below). Then, reward yourself by enjoying a session with your favorite ecigarette from V2® – you don’t even have to leave your workspace. Even if you don’t have much privacy, you can still find ways to sneak in some activity throughout the day…

deskercise11. Take the stairs – We all know this is an option: start taking it! It does the body good and you’ll avoid those awkward elevator rides with the creepy guy from the mailroom…

2. Grip Something – Get yourself a stress ball or something to squeeze. Hold your e-cig with one hand and give the other a workout. Then, switch hands. You’ll be an ambidextrous vaper in no time; and, if you’re consistent, your forearms will start looking mighty fine.

3. Get Rid of Your Chair – Replace it with a large exercise ball. Disregard any looks from your colleagues. They’ll all want one once they see how toned you get from just sitting in front of your desk (while working, of course). You’ll be impressed with the results you see in your midsection.

4. Stretch – While sitting, stretch out your legs and roll your ankles, stretch your arms in the air, or just slowly rotate your neck and shoulders. There are countless reasons why stretching is good for you. Just ask Google.

desk e cig exercises
5. Start a Mini Exercise Routine – Do you have a lot of privacy or colleagues that are really laid back? Do 10 pushups, squats or jumping jacks (or all three!) every time you take a break.

deskercise3 6. Sit Up Straight – You’ll look more confident and your back and shoulders will eventually thank you.

7. Walk and Talk – Hit the pavement (not the conference room) for one-on-one meetings. Bring your electric cigarettes along. Sound weird to you? This practice has actually been used (successfully) for years.

8. The Glute Squeeze – While seated, clench your gluteus muscles together, trying to pull them up towards your stomach. Hold for a few seconds, release, and repeat. Do as often as you like. Reap the rewards with your significant other.

If you’re reading this at work, try one of our tips right now. Just don’t push yourself too hard; you’ll feel like a massive fool if you pull a muscle while “working” at your desk. Also – we’re covering our own glutes right now – don’t take our tips too seriously; although we’ve tried them ourselves and done plenty of homework, you should still talk to an expert before beginning any new activity.

Have fun and leave us a comment to let us know how you stay active at work…

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