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8 Gadgets to Help You Survive Spring Cleaning

Filed in Lifestyle by on March 20, 2014

spring cleaning e cigaretteElectronic cigarettes aren’t the only nifty gadgets; modern technology has provided a device for almost everything. With spring upon us, let’s look at eight innovative gadgets that help make housework a little less… awful. Pick up some of these cool contraptions to jump-start your spring cleaning. When you get home (after enjoying a session with your e cigarette), unpack your goods and put them to use immediately. Whether you live with a spouse, roommate or a pet, your housemate(s) will be impressed.

spring cleaning air
1. Automatic Shower Cleaner: Just hang from your shower head, press a button and let the cleaning solution do the work for you. It sprays the entire surface of your shower, washing away soap scum and grime. Look for one at your local grocery store.

2. Air Freshener/Purifier: The surfaces in your house may be clean (enough), but what about the air? Plug automatic air fresheners into outlets throughout your home and voila; no more odors… If you have allergies or mold in your home, invest in a high-quality air purifier and breathe easy.

3. UV-C Sanitizing Wand: Simply turn this baby on and slowly wave it over any surface you want to sanitize. We haven’t tried it on our e-cigs (V2 batteries need to be cleaned too!), but you can use it on your speakers, keyboard, desk and any other areas you suspect may be harboring little bits of germy nastiness.

spring cleaning gadgets and e cigarette4. Digital Paper Scanner: Most of us live in the digital world just as much as we do the actual one; when was the last time you looked up from your screen today? Organize your computer and home office by turning your paper files into digital ones.

5. UV-C Cell Phone Sanitizer: Apparently, it’s more hygienic to fondle a toilet seat than it is to constantly touch your smartphone. Get one of these ASAP and sanitize your phone as often as possible… It also works on other gadgets, like MP3 players and earphones.

spring cleaning robot6. Robotic Vacuum: Just let one of these low profile devices roam your house all day; it will suck up any tiny particles of dirt, dust, crumbs, etc. and get into all those little nooks and crannies that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Pick up one of these guys and come home to a clean floor every day.

7. Robotic Mop: Same look and idea as the robotic vacuum, but with water. It scrubs away any crud on your hard floors; all you have to do it turn it on… Relax with an e cigarette and have fun watching this little robot hover around your house. Who needs television?

8. Robotic Window Cleaner: This contraption sticks to your windows and gets right to work, gliding across the glass and leaving it squeaky clean. Use on mirrors and sliding glass doors, too.

The future of cleaning has arrived and it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon. While you’re in spring-cleaning mode, don’t forget to clean your e cigarette batteries. Check out this article to learn how.

How do you do housework without going crazy? Tell us in the comment section.


Comments (1)

  1. Debra Bentley says:

    Crank up the music and vaper the pounds while cleaning. Boom! knock out the gym and the housekeeper at the same time, so the pocketbook gets fuller and the gym is vaperized, plus I can smoke and the house still smells clean and fresh!