e cigs not for minors

NACS, State Senators & V2® Agree – E cigs Aren’t for Kids

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Recent news shows progress in the struggle to keep e cigs out of the hands of minors. Last week, NACS issued statements encouraging convenience store owners to employ strict age-verification policies for ecigarettes, just like they do for tobacco products. On February 26th, five US senators proposed the Protecting Children From Electronic Cigarette Advertising Act of 2014 – legislation that would give the FTC authority to determine marketing standards for the electric cigarette industry, ban marketing practices that may appeal to minors and penalize any violators.

e cigs not for minors

At V2®, we utilize effective online resources to prevent minors from entering our website and making purchases. We are members of the We Card program and require all retailers to perform age verifications before selling V2 products. And we work hard to keep every single marketing communication for adults, only. Our VP of Marketing recently shared his thoughts on the subject:

“Electronic cigarettes are not and have never been intended for minors. We have worked directly with regulators to promote the adoption of common-sense parameters — like youth bans and age-verification laws — that have been widely embraced by others in our industry, in addition to retail partners nationwide. In accordance with our ongoing efforts to prevent underage access and preclude interest in electronic cigarettes, we also do not market our products in any way, shape or form to minors.” – Adam Kustin, vice president of marketing at VMR Products, makers of V2®

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  1. I support age restriction for any type of tobacco and non tobacco products like e cigarettes.

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