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Part 2: You Know You’re a Vaper When…

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A couple months ago, we posted an article called, “You Know You’re a Vaper When…” Check it out here. After receiving some great feedback (and more ideas) from you awesome people, we decided to create Part 2. With the e-cig industry continuously expanding, more and more vapers are proudly revealing themselves and discovering the many things we have in common. Keep reading to see how you relate…

v2 e-cig You know you’re a vaper when:

1. You plan your meals in order to complement the flavor you’re vaping.

2. You spend more time looking for new e-cig flavors than you spend driving to the grocery store, buying food and returning home.

3. You know what a cartomizer is and why it’s called a cartomizer.

4. You never have two hands free because one is almost always holding an electric cigarette.

5. Your smartphone just died, but every electrical outlet in the house is charging a V2® Battery. So you deal with the dead phone until an outlet opens up. (Before returning those phone calls, you must have a vape session.)

6. You’re getting ready to leave the house, so you prepare all of your ecigs for the road. You make sure you’ve got everything you need. Then you get out the front door and realize you forgot your keys.

7. You do “vape math” to determine whether or not you’ll need to recharge or refill while you’re out. But you always carry a V2 Disposable, just in case.

8. When someone gets a look at your impressive lineup of e-cig supplies, you feel the need to insist that you’re not a hoarder – you’re a collector. Actually, you’re more like a connoisseur.

9. You get a notification that your vape mail was delivered and make up an excuse to leave work early so you can get home to your new e cigarettes.

10. You can relate to any of these points and add your own!

Do you do anything that only a fellow vaper would understand? Tell us in the comment section, or check us out on Twitter @v2cigs to share your own vaper problems! We may even tweet you back…


  1. You know your a Vaper, when you start thinking of analog normal cigarette smokers, as “those smokers”….

  2. You know you’re a vaper when you turn back halfway through your morning commute(and risk being late to work)because you forgot your charger and aren’t sure three batteries will get you through the day…

  3. It takes longer to pick out your first morning vape flavor than it does to make breakfast and get ready for work.

    You’re constantly late for work ’cause you have to check all your vape sites for sales (and then buy something if there IS a sale).

    You’ve cleared off/dedicated whole bookcase/closet/cabinet shelves just for your (years’ worth of) vape supplies.

    LOL…kudos to Linda Spittler above! I can totally relate to that one!

  4. You know you’re a Vaper when long phone calls are planned for those days when you want to refill all of your cartridges.

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