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Product Spotlight – Cola & Grape Now Available in 2.4% Nicotine

Filed in Promotions by on March 4, 2014

Calling all 2.4% fans! You asked, and we answered. Finally, you can order ANY flavor of V2 Platinum E-Liquid or Flavor Cartridges in 2.4% nicotine. Make your ecig happy and stock up on some new flavors…

Want to enjoy your e cigarette with some cola flavored E-Liquid in 2.4% nicotine? No problem – V2 Cigs® has you covered. Need more V2 Grape Flavor Cartridges? Try them in 2.4% nicotine and experience full-bodied taste with the thick vapor that V2 fans love.

The newest specialty flavors to be available in 2.4% nicotine, V2 Cola and V2 Grape, have been e cigarette fan favorites since day one… Now that we’ve stocked up on higher strengths, grape and cola lovers have even more to rave about.

What do they taste like?

grape e cigarette flavorV2 Grape
This Limited Edition flavor will impress any happy vaper, with its fresh and satisfying throat hit. Perfect for the summer, or any time you want to escape the madness… Just enjoy a V2 Grape flavor cartridge with your favorite ecig and you’ll be ready to relax.

v2 cola e cigaretteV2 Cola
Bubbly and sweet, V2 Cola’s crisp flavor will put some extra pep in your step. It’s almost uncanny how similar it tastes to your favorite carbonated beverage… Send your taste buds on a sweet ride and try V2 Cola after your favorite meal.

Why is 2.4% nicotine so awesome?

With your favorite V2 flavors in 2.4% nicotine strength (the strongest we offer), you’ll experience more robust taste and an extra-rich, satisfying throat hit. It’s a fresh way to enjoy flavors in your e cigarette – and it’s an excellent choice for serious vapers.

Which flavor will you try first?

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