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Six Ways to Get the Sleep Out of Your Eyes

Filed in Lifestyle by on March 7, 2014

Leave tiredness where it belongs – in bed.

wake up with an electronic cigaretteDaylight Savings Time is right around the corner. This Sunday, March 9th, we’ll have to “spring forward” and set our clocks ahead by one hour, losing sixty minutes of cherished slumber.

Since we can’t control the clock, let’s focus on controlling ourselves. You can overcome the fatigue that you endure each spring and minimalize your suffering if you start being a little proactive.

Grab your electronic cigarette and give some of these tips a try. You can get a head start on the poor saps who let the clock dictate their day, no matter how much sleep you missed.

1. Open the curtains – Our bodies are naturally wired to wake up with the rising sun. As soon as your alarm rings, get up, raise the blinds and let natural light fill the room. Even if you crawl back into bed for a few minutes, the sunlight will help your body get out of slumber mode. electronic cigarette open curtains

2. Load up on water – We all wake up a little dehydrated after sleeping for several hours without consuming any water. Keep a glass by your bed so you can down it before you even get up – re-hydrating yourself in the morning will immediately make you feel more awake. water and electronic cigarette

3. Get wet – Splash your face with cold water or take a shower and alternate between hot and cold temperatures. The water will jolt you into alertness and the blast of cold will get your circulation going. ecigarettes wake you up

4. Move your body – As you get dressed, listen to some energetic tunes. Dance along for a little cardio and to get your blood flowing. Use your electronic cigarette as a makeshift microphone. electronic cigarette dance

5. Eat breakfast – Kick start your metabolism by eating a nutritious breakfast. When you swap some of those carbs for lean protein, you’ll have the energy you need for a productive day. But don’t forget to bring an afternoon snack; the time change will make it feel like it’s 10am when you eat lunch. electronic cigarette breakfast

6. Drink a cup of coffee (or two or three) – Gotta love that caffeine! Brew your own coffee or pick some up on your way to work. Or both. Enjoy an electric cigarette between sips and mentally prepare for the day ahead. coffee electronic cigarette

Make mornings even easier by spending a few minutes each night preparing for the next day – lay out your clothes, set the table for breakfast and make sure to charge your ecigarettes!

What do you do to fight seasonal fatigue? Are you looking forward to Daylight Savings Time? Let us know in the comment section!


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