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A 6-Pack of Reasons to Drink More Beer

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drink beerA six pack of beer won’t give you a six pack of abs, but it doesn’t have to give you a beer belly, either.

How do you take your beer (besides cold, with an ecig on the side)? Can, bottle, frozen mug? Maybe you even use a stein.

Here’s another way to take your beer: once a day. Why? Read on… But don’t expect us to tell you to get hammered every night; that’s just counterproductive.

1. It’s Celestial: Seriously – since the 1970’s, scientists have known about this colossal haze of booze, suspended in space 10,000 light years away from earth. It’s debatable whether or not the cloud (spanning 288 billion miles) actually contains the kind of alcohol found in beer, but who cares? It’s still alcohol in outer space. Far out.

2. It’s Totally Constitutional: The White House brews its own beer. Enough said.

3. It Helps You Sleep (if you don’t drink too much): A beer or two before bed will lead to a relaxing slumber, since it contains properties that help you sleep; but get drunk and you’ll experience the opposite effect.

v2 and beer4. It Boosts Your Confidence: We’re not suggesting you drink a beer before your next big presentation at work; but if you’re going on a date or meeting your in-laws for the first time, go ahead and down a serving. Just one beer should help you feel more relaxed and confident. Bring one of your ecigarettes along for a conversation starter.

5. It’s Hydrating: Have you ever run a 5K or a marathon (or anything in between)? In recent years, you may have noticed beer being served before, during and after the race – maybe you’ve even enjoyed some yourself. According to recent studies, a moderate amount of beer can be just as hydrating as water.

6. It Tastes Awesome: With so many varieties to choose from, you could drink a different beer every night for at least a year. Pair your brew with one of your favorite flavored electronic cigarettes to give your taste buds even more to enjoy.

When was the last time you got to lounge around with your closest friends, cold beers in hand, puffing away on your e cigs? Whether it was last week, last month or last year, go ahead and plan a casual get-together. Remember these points and tell your friends why they should drink more beer (in moderation) – it’s not like you need any more excuses, but it’s sure to be an interesting conversation…

How do you take your beer?

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