Drinking on a Weeknight? Sip on These…

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ecig after workIt’s 4PM on a Tuesday; you’re sitting at work and counting down the minutes until you can go home, put on a t-shirt and take a load off. Maybe you’ll pop open a cold beer or pull out your favorite bottle of whiskey. Enjoying a stiff cocktail – or a cold beer – with your ecig on a weeknight may be just what you need to brush off the stressors of a long day…

We compiled a list of cocktails to help you coast through the work week; whether you prefer a Manhattan Monday, an Old Fashioned Friday or a Tuesday Brews Day. Or all three… Just sip slowly, because the only thing worse than a 7am conference call is a 7am conference call with a hangover.

manhattan and ecig Manhattan: A classic cocktail with lots of variations

The basic ingredients in a Manhattan are rye whiskey, vermouth and a couple dashes of Angostura bitters. If you’re in a hurry to sit down with your ecig, forget about the bitters – just pour some rye whiskey over ice and add a bit of vermouth. Garnish with a maraschino cherry if you must…

Old Fashioned: As traditional now as it was 200 years ago
old fashioned and ecig
If you’ve got a few minutes to spare before heading out to dinner with a client, mix yourself an Old Fashioned. You’ll need rye whiskey or bourbon, a sugar cube, angostura bitters and water or club soda. Some people like to include a maraschino cherry, lemon or orange peel. First, put the sugar cube in your glass with the bitters and water/soda – crush this mixture into a paste, then add ice and your liquor of choice. Grab your e cigarette and take a load off. Consume your Old Fashioned. Own it. Savor it (slowly). Click here for more detailed instructions.

drink beerBeer: Both refreshing and relaxing

You don’t always drink, but when you do, you (sometimes) prefer cold beer. Keep a few mugs or steins in your freezer so you can drink your favorite import or microbrew from a cold glass – no cans or bottles on weeknights. No matter if you prefer a pilsner or an IPA, you’ll be sipping with sophistication; making you the most interesting man (or woman) in your house…

We think there should be a clear distinction between your weekday and weekend cocktail selection. You know you can’t get hammered when you have work the next day (well, you know you shouldn’t), so you take the time to savor each and every sip as you relax with an e cigarette… Cheers!

What’s your go-to weeknight cocktail? Do you have your own variation of the Manhattan or Old Fashioned? And, what e cigarette flavors do you enjoy during your weeknight happy hour? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. Laura says:

    I enjoy my green tea mentol e-cig with mojitos, sweet tea, white wine or sprizters. Currently I’m drinking a mimosa with freshly squeezed orange on my beach vacation.