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E Cig Lingo: A Glossary for Vapers

Filed in Vaporpedia by on April 11, 2014 0 Comments

v2 get informedCheck any English dictionary and you won’t find the words cartomizer, vaping or vaper anywhere… They’re not recognized as “real” words (at least not in the academic world). But, since entering the world of ecigs, you’ve probably come across several unfamiliar words that you can’t look up in a normal dictionary; what do they mean? While a few e cig terms, like “vape,” are pretty easy to figure out, most newbies are left wondering what the heck a cartomizer could be. And what are these “mods” that some people are so obsessed with? What’s an atty?

Who came up with this stuff?

Like most techie vernacular, these words evolved from component nomenclature and the affectionate slang of knowledgeable fans. If you’re still feeling confused, don’t sweat it. Read on and you’ll learn the terms every e-cig consumer should know…

1. Analog (analogue, log) – A name for traditional, combustible tobacco cigarettes

2. Atomizer (atty) – An e cig component that heats e-liquid into inhalable vapor. Atomizers accompany a multitude of other consumer products, from perfume bottles to inhalers and cooking sprays.

3. Automatic Battery (auto) – An electronic cigarette battery which automatically functions when someone inhales (no switch)

4. Batch – A group of flavored cartomizers or cartridges that were produced at the same time, have the same expiration date, and have been batch tested for quality. At V2®, all flavor products come labelled with batch numbers and expiration dates. Check your batch test results here.

5. Battery (batt) – This typically rechargeable component provides power to the atomizer when the user inhales through the mouthpiece. Most e cigarettes are powered by lithium ion batteries and there’s usually an LED light on the end that glows to signal activation.

6. Blank (tank, clearomizer) – A container that holds a substantial amount of e-liquid, generally clear so the amount is visible. Users can fill blanks with their own V2® Platinum or Zig-Zag™ E-Liquid.

7. Cartomizer (cart, carto) – A combination disposable atomizer and cartridge employed by 2-piece electronic cigarettes. This can be refillable and non-refillable.

8. Cartridge (cart) – The cartridge sits within the mouthpiece and contains absorbent material (the filler material, or wick). This is where e-liquid is stored.

9. Clearomizer (clearo, blank, tank) – A see-through cartomizer that users fill with e-liquid. It has a wick and a coil but no filler material.

10. Cutoff – V2 models utilize a cutoff mechanism to turn off the battery when it is overused; this protects the atomizer from burning out and the user from inhaling too much nicotine.

11. Disposable E-Cigarette (disposable, single-use) – An e cig specially designed to be disposed of when the e-liquid is empty. These are not refillable.

12. Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarette, ecigarette, ECig, E-Cig, Digi-cig, E-Ciggy, Personal Vaporizer, vapor cigarette, smokeless cigarette) – An electronic cigarette, or personal vaporizer (PV), is a battery-powered electronic device that converts a liquid nicotine or non-nicotine solution (e-liquid) into inhalable vapor.

13. E-Liquid (E Liquid, ELiquid, eLiquid, Juice, E-Juice, Nicotine Fluid, nicotine juice, smoke juice) – The nicotine or non-nicotine solution used in an e-cigarette. This solution usually consists of water, flavoring, propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG), and sometimes nicotine.

14. Filler – The fiber or wick found inside a cartridge that holds e-liquid

15. Manual battery – An electronic cigarette battery which functions only when a button is pressed while inhaling

16. Milligrams (mg) – Used to measure the amount of nicotine per milliliter

17. Mod – Short for modification, this is a homemade or purchased design alteration of a manufactured battery, atomizer or cartridge. Mods are generally done and/or used by avid e-smokers looking to increase vapor production, battery life or ease of use. However, V2 DOES NOT recommend modifying any of your e cig products; no matter what brand.

18. Nicotine Level/Strength – The amount of nicotine present in a cartridge or bottle of e-liquid. It is usually measured in mg/ml.

19. Priming – A puffing technique used on automatic batteries to produce the most vapor. This requires taking a deep inhale to “warm up” the atomizer, followed by 3-5 shorter puffs. Once warmed, the battery is primed and ready to enjoy.

20. Propylene Glycol (PG) – Propylene Glycol is the most commonly used base carrier for nicotine and flavor solutions in e cigarettes. PG is also commonly used in inhalers, medicines, foods, and other popular consumer products. PG has been tested as an effective germicide; it has been deemed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA to be used in medical products as well as food products for general consumption. Some people have reported having an allergic reaction to PG. These people also find that they have issues with certain brands of toothpaste, lotions, soaps, and medicines containing PG. If you have issues with PG, it is suggested you look into using a product with a Vegetable Glycerin base.

21. Switch – The component (usually a button) of a manual battery that activates the heating element

22. Throat Hit – A descriptive term used for the sensation felt in the back of the throat when an inhalation is taken from an electronic cigarette. A good throat hit closely mimics the feeling from traditional cigarette smoking. Nicotine levels greatly affect throat hit strength with higher nicotine levels having a harder throat hit sensation.

23. Unvapeable – Something that is NOT capable of being vaporized

24. Vape – The act of inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette

25. Vapeable – Something (usually an e-liquid or juice) that you can put in a cartomizer/cartridge and vape

26. Vaper – A person who vapes

27. Vaper’s Tongue – The temporary loss of taste that some people experience after switching to e cigarettes. Don’t throw away the flavors you think you dislike until your vaper’s tongue has retreated!

28. Vaping – The act of enjoying an e cig

29. Vapor (vapour) – The smoke-like vapor produced from an electronic cigarette. This vapor is similar to the clouds produced by a fog machine.

30. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – Vegetable Glycerin is a natural alternative to Propylene Glycol (PG) and is sometimes used as the majority base in the E-Liquid. Vegetable Glycerin comes from the production of palm or coconut oils and is sometimes used in sweeteners and skin care products. It creates a slightly thicker vapor.

31. Wick – A poly fiber, with the appearance of cotton, that soaks up e-liquid to be vaporized by the heating element

Craving more information? One of the best ways to learn about electronic cigarettes and connect with like-minded fans is to visit the V2 Forum.

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