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Enter the #BrewWithV2 Contest & Join V2® for a Brew at Zoo Miami

Filed in Promotions by on April 29, 2014

Time to get your brew on…
v2 brew at the zoo
Follow V2® on Twitter to participate in the #BrewWithV2 Contest; you could win two VIP tickets to New Times Brew at the Zoo or a $200 V2 online shopping spree! More details below.

Wanna party with V2? South Floridians, join us at Zoo Miami this Saturday, May 3, for the annual New Times Brew at the Zoo. Watch a live performance by Vanilla Ice and come by the V2 booth (located near the stage) to check out our e-cig tasting bar, play games and try V2 products. Play some foosball and sample delicious flavors from V2 – with a beer in your hand, of course. You’ll want to assign a designated driver or have a cabbie on call… This event is for adults of legal drinking age (21+). Stop by and say hello… We would love to see you!

#BrewWithV2 Contest Details:

#brewwithv2 brew at the zoo contest
To enter, choose a type of beer and a V2 flavor to complement the brew. Tweet your flavor combination to us @v2cigs with #BrewWithV2 – our team will choose two winners, based on creativity. Love a lager with some V2 Red on the side? How about pale ale followed by a puff of V2 Menthol? Let us know!

Example Tweets:

“@v2cigs: V2 Sahara & just about ANY Lager beer is my fav combo! #BrewWithV2”

“@v2cigs: I love a dark stout and an e-cig loaded with V2 Green Tea Menthol. Deliciousness. #BrewWithV2”

“@v2cigs: Give me some cream ale and a drag of V2 Vanilla flavor and I’ll be a happy person. #BrewWithV2”

#brewwithv2 twitter contestPrizes (Two Winners): One South Florida resident (Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties only) will win two VIP tickets to Brew at the Zoo, taking place this Saturday night in Miami. Tickets will be available for pickup at Will Call on the day of the event. One V2 Fan (not a resident of Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County) will win a $200 V2 online shopping spree. Winners will be announced on Friday, May 2, via Twitter.

#BrewWithV2 Twitter Contest runs from Monday, April 28 to Thursday, May 1. Entrants must be 21+ and follow @v2cigs on Twitter to qualify.

Click here to learn more about New Times Brew at the Zoo and purchase tickets.

Comments (11)

  1. robert c. dohring says:

    Here’s a simple request. Free Shipping for one week
    During the Christmas Holidays…What a great way to
    say Thank you to all your loyal customers…

  2. robert c. dohring says:

    Lets see, no chat line service, no reply to emails sent.
    Day 14 on delivery …Wow ! Very disappointed with my
    orders….I refuse to pay more for shipping than my product
    is worth ! And all I’ve read on the home page is complaints.
    Way to go V-2 , You really know how to keep a customer

    • V2 says:

      Hi Robert, I apologize for the lapse in communication. I see that your order shipped on Dec 26; please let me know if you are still waiting – I will have a representative contact you to investigate further.

  3. Bill Cushing says:

    I too am very disappointing and frustrated with the lack of no reply at all, Chat, email Phone to any attempt to contact V2. I really don’t get it. They have no trouble debiting my account for purchases quickly but that is where their speed quits.

    • V2 says:

      Hi Bill, I apologize for the lapse in communication. We have been experiencing a high call volume which has affected our response times. I have forwarded your order information to our customer service dept so that a representative can contact you with additional assistance.

  4. Kathleen Biasi says:

    Have been trying to contact CS, nothing. Afraid to place an order until I have some kind of contact. I live on a very fixed budget. You are my only luxury. Don’t let me down now.

    • V2 says:

      Hi Kathleen, I replied to your post on our Facebook page. A service representative will be contacting you with assistance.

  5. Karen says:

    Something is wrong! I have been a customer at V2 for at little over 2 years now. I have spent HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dollars with them. Up until the last 3-4 months, I would brag to anybody who would listen about V2’s customer service. It was excellent. Then all of a sudden things started to change. Chat became a problem. I would wait to chat to someone and then get prompted to leave an email message. (That had never happen before). NOW, they are out of stock on almost all of their V2Ex prefilled cartridges. I haven’t been able to get 2.4 RED in months! Every time I talk to them about this, they say the same thing “they are on backorder and will ship within 10-15 days”. Which never did happen. So, I had to start ordering the 1.8’s….now those are out of stock too. In fact I was told the only Ex prefilled cart’s they have are 0 (zero) nicotine. I have a feeling that the original owners of V2 sold this company. And I think they sold it to a company that does not have the same high standards of the original owners. But something has happen… this is NOT the same company I started ordering from a couple of years ago. And it makes me sad because I owe this company my life. I want the old V2 back.

    • V2 says:

      Hi Karen, V2 is owned and operated by its original owners; unfortunately, the EX Cartridges are out of stock and remain on back order. In the meantime, we recommend giving our EX Blanks a try! If you would rather not fill your own cartridges, we do have all of our flavors and strengths stocked and available in V2 Classic Cartridges.

  6. Allison Ledbetter says:

    Karen….I’m with you. I think all cartridges they offer should be available for next day shipping rather than this 30 day business. Who has time to wait a month….THEN over a week to receive your order? I don’t understand why things are out of stock. It’s frustrating for sure

  7. Karen says:

    V2, Thank you for responding. I was able to talk to a rep the other day on the phone and he explained to me what had happen with the manufacturing of the prefilled. I do use the EX Blanks and liquid until you guys get back on track. In the future, it would be nice if V2 were more upfront with us when things started going bad. Instead of not telling us when the out of stock items start to run out. That way we could prepare better for the shortage’s. I know for me when you first started running out of the EX prefills, I was told time and time again that they expect a shipment in a week. Now that been MONTHS ago.
    But again, thank you for writing back.