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The V2® Forum: Get the Inside Scoop

Filed in Lifestyle by on April 10, 2014

You’re almost positive there’s an active community of vapers somewhere, just waiting for you to arrive… But where could it be?

v2 ecigs forum The V2® Forum is where it’s at.

Questions about your ecigs? You’ll find answers on the V2 Forum. Frustrated about your day? Talk about it on the V2 Forum. Create an awesome e-liquid mix? Share it on the V2 Forum. We could go on and on about what you can do there, but we won’t waste your time; you’ve got to check it out for yourself. When you do, you’ll discover an intimate online community of people with at least one common interest: ecigs. You’ll see members supporting one another without expressing judgment or hostility. And you’ll fit right in.

With over 20,000 members, the V2 Forum is one of the largest online e cig communities. Buzzing with activity, it’s a place where you can connect with other V2 Fans. Join the conversation or get in-depth information from an impressive catalogue of dynamic threads (there are hundreds of topics to choose from). You’ll find discussions about everything related to electric cigarettes, from the latest news to detailed tips and tricks; there’s even a thread where members can comfortably trade their extra V2 products. No matter how you use the V2 Forum, it’s a helpful tool no e cig fan should be without.

To keep the forum running smoothly, we do enforce a few simple rules – find them here.

Just a click away, the V2 Forum could be your new favorite online destination. Join today to get the inside scoop on everything related to ecigs and connect with fellow V2 fans, just like you.

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Comments (2)

  1. Colin Selfridge says:

    Anyone know when the next store-wide V2 sale is? Running lowwwwww!

  2. Linda Pesetsky says:

    I had posted earlier on this site regarding the sale of cartomizer’s in retail stores, how they don’t want to take back any packs that are filled with duds. I went on to read different people’s opinions of their experience using the empty cartridges, as I was going to begin using the empty ones. I found a woman who refills her pre filled cartomizers with e juice once her cartomizer doesn’t produce vapor. Well a few mins. ago, I filled one of the defective dried out cartomizer’s I had purchased yesterday, dried out, brand new, no vapor at all, with my own ejuice, it tastes great, heavy vape, most likely a person can use one flavored cartomizer twice. Whoever that person is.. I thank you. I believe my problem is solved. Other than that, I LOVE V2 eciggs, the best quality for the low price. Thank you V2 for making an affordable kit that really works better or equivalent to much more expensive kits. 🙂