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Eight Life Skills You Should Learn Right Now

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Everyone has at least one bizarre skill in their arsenal of social mannerisms meant to impress. Knowing how to do odd tricks or useful tasks – like blowing rings of vapor from an e cigarette, mixing an obsolete cocktail, or building a fire – will enhance your life experiences; whether you’re at the bar or stranded in the wild.

Settle down with your ecig and get ready to master a few life skills that could certainly come in handy one day (and a few we hope you’ll never need)…

v2 e cigarette1. Place bets: Whether you’re off to the races or headed to the casino, learning the ins and outs of whom the odds favor can make the difference between losing your shirt and walking out a winner. Master this skill and you’ll be able to hold your own against the house. Bring your ecigarettes with you and make sure you have plenty of refills…

2. Fillet a fish: If you ever get stuck in the wild, this skill could keep you from starving. Or choking on a fishbone.

3. Give a massage: What goes around comes around – if you can give someone special a killer massage, you’re more likely to receive something special in return…

lifeskills_stealth4. Keep your mouth shut: Know when to stop talking and learn to communicate more effectively so that your message comes across clearly and concisely. Most of us unknowingly defeat ourselves daily by blurting out words that have no resonance with anyone else; without realizing it, we’re sabotaging ourselves – and not doing any favors for whoever is supposed to be listening. Before opening your mouth, be conscious of what you want to say and why.

5. Fix your toilet: There’s nothing more embarrassing than plumbing problems that require outside assistance. From installation to basic repairs, you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to maintain the best seat in the house. Don’t waste money paying the plumber to come to your house, only to have him tell you that you have an old, rusty flapper. Learn what a flapper is and how to replace it yourself.

lifeskills_tire6. Change a flat tire: This is a skill every driver should have. It’s also important to maintain your spare, since you never know when you may need it. Knowing how to change a tire can help others, too. And after all, who doesn’t love saving the day?

7. Google effectively: We’ll not waste your time by giving you a long explanation here. Just Google “Google tips” or “Google secrets” and you’ll have an eye-opening experience. Practice your new Google skills by looking up the latest e cigarette industry news, how to fillet a fish, give a massage, change a flat tire, jump-start a car, and/or fix your toilet.

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