8 Things to Enhance Your Bucket List

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 16, 2014

Accomplishing goals and making positive life changes feels good.

v2 ecigs bucket list If you’re like most people, you have a list of things to do in your lifetime before it’s too late. Your bucket list may be written in a notebook somewhere, typed neatly on your computer or even hastily written on a napkin from a bar you can’t remember visiting in New York four years ago – or, maybe it’s readily available in your own mind. Wherever you keep your bucket list, pull it out now and add any of our suggestions that resonate with you or modify them to work for your life. Give yourself some gratifying memories and live out stories that people will want to hear about…

1. Build a Fence: Mr. Miyagi had the right idea. Manual labor is more than just manual labor; it’s a path to personal growth and satisfaction. Practice some karate during breaks and admire your strong forearms when the new fence is complete. Puff on your electric cigarettes. Enjoy the privacy. Scan the yard for your next project.

2. Admit that You Don’t Know Everything: Realizing that you don’t have to know everything about something (you just need to know people who do) is an event worthy of celebration. A sign of wisdom is being comfortable with what you know you don’t know. Expand your horizons further by admitting there are things you don’t even know you don’t know.

bucket list 13. Go Snowboarding or Water Skiing: Try a water/snow sport like snowboarding, water skiing or wakeboarding. It’s hard. You’ll probably fall, but that’s ok; falling is an opportunity to pick yourself up and keep going!

4. Cook Old-School: Grow some veggies and pick up a live chicken from a local farm. Take the chicken home and turn it into your dinner (ask the people at the farm to show you how). Harvest the vegetables and don’t raid your pantry or fridge for accoutrements – this is about the principle of eating only what nature has provided. And who knows? Maybe you’ll start a new dinnertime routine. For an after-dinner treat, enjoy the flavor of V2® Coffee or V2® Vanilla in one of your favorite ecigs. bucket list 3

5. Take an Extended Joyride (Solo): Drive cross-country; spend a few days cruising along the nearest coast/large body of water; go visit a national landmark you’ve always wanted to see; or, keep it simple and take a spin around your state. Experience this extended joyride alone (just don’t forget your e cigarettes!). It’s your time, your trip, your rules. It’s your freedom.

6. Treasure-ize Someone’s Trash: Next time you see a decent-looking coffee table, dresser or nightstand sitting by a dumpster, snatch it up and take it home. Give it your own touch with a good sanding and fresh coat of paint. Or channel your inner carpenter and really repurpose your find (dressers with drawers removed make great TV stands and nightstands can be used for just about anything). You’ll have a conversation piece for years to come… bucket list 2

7. Go Skydiving or Bungee Jumping: Because why not? Recover with several puffs of your favorite e cig.

8. Take Your Vaping to the Next Level: Stop fumbling for your ecigs and get a lanyard. It may not be your favorite look, but once you experience the ease of vaping with a V2 Lanyard around your neck, you’ll find ways to work it into your everyday style.

Take chances, try new things and push yourself to finish what you start. What’s on your bucket list?


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