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Got Road Rage? Review your Driving Techniques

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 28, 2014

Ever dropped your e cig in the car just so you could honk at someone? Sitting in long lines of traffic, weaving through slow-moving cars and cursing all the way from point A to point B will eventually (and literally) drive us all crazy. Let’s try to keep that from happening.
road rage 2
What can we do to ease the misery that accompanies stressful drives? Taking a quick puff from an e-cig to calm down helps; but let’s explore some other techniques that should, in practice, effectively remedy at least a bit of road rage. Share these tips with all the drivers you know and maybe one day we can all cruise down the road in peace.

1. Put down your phone and pay attention! People get rear-ended every day (especially in bumper-to-bumper traffic) because of drivers looking at their phones. No matter how slow the traffic, that text can wait. Your mother/friend/boss/spouse will understand.

2. Put down your ecigarette when it’s not in use. Holding something in your hand while driving can be a distraction, especially if you drop it. If your e-cig ends up on the car floor, leave it. Have an extra one handy. Pick it up for a brief puff and put it back down.

3. Look out for pedestrians. The majority of traffic accidents in the US involve pedestrians. At intersections, always look twice.
road rage 1 4. Move at the speed of traffic. Don’t hesitate. If you’re merging, keep an eye on the speedometer to make sure you’re increasing speed quickly enough to merge into the moving traffic. You’ll only have to brake slightly in order to scoot your way in.

5. Move over during long road trips when you see someone quickly approaching from behind.

6. Use your merging manners. Drivers who lack merging manners don’t feel the need to wait in line; they drive to the front and scoot their way in. Not cool – it infuriates those of us who follow the rules, and it holds up the rest of the line of traffic.

7. USE YOUR BLINKER. Enough said.

8. Drive like you’re playing football. Be hyper-aware of everything on the field (road) around you. Assume every player (driver) will block you in some way. Be defensive and confident – but don’t be rude.

General rules: The goal is to have everyone paying close attention to the traffic around them, braking as little as possible. Feel free to enjoy a few quick puffs of your electric cigarette while on the road; just don’t let it distract you. The only thing anyone should hold onto longer than a few seconds while driving is the steering wheel.

Have something to say? Share your own driving techniques in the comment section and tell us how you enjoy your electric cigarettes in the car!


Comments (2)

  1. Ron says:

    I got fed up with being part of the problem instead of the solution. I took a stand that it was my job to make sure that everyone on the road around me gets home safe and sound and without upset (no matter how big an idiot they may be!). It’s much more pleasant being this way out on the road, rather than looking at everyone as a potential rival.

  2. RLee Roberts says:

    I feel like I am driving on a road to nowhere. I am lost, looking for signposts to help me find my way. The road is very confusing, or perhaps I am just not seeing the signs, are there signs? Perhaps I just didn’t read them properly. If anyone has built an easy to follow roadmap, I would be so happy to follow a new path. Thanks for listening, deaf ears often don’t listen – unless they are fully amplified.