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The FDA Has Spoken; but the figurative fat lady hasn’t sung

Filed in News & Politics by on May 14, 2014

The electronic cigarette industry is safe, for now! On April 24, 2014, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) released its long-awaited proposed regulations regarding electronic cigarettes. Said regulations are intended to extend the FDA’s authority over tobacco products to include e cigarettes and introduce new guidelines for industry stakeholders.

If the Proposed Rule passes without revision, here’s what could happen:

fda e cig regulations– E cig products would be categorized as tobacco products and be subject to regulation by the FDA, under the Tobacco Control Act (TCA)

– E cig manufacturers would be required to register their products with the FDA and disclose specific details about ingredients contained in e-liquid

– Placement and promotion of new tobacco products would only be permitted AFTER review by the FDA

– Distributing free samples of ecig products would be prohibited

– Sales to minors would be strictly prohibited; sellers must enforce the tobacco age requirements for their respective states

– Flavor varieties would not be limited

– Online sales would still be permitted

Here at V2®, we stand behind responsible regulations for the e cig industry:

fda regs (2)– We support the FDA’s plans to ban sales to minors; we already enforce minimum age requirements online and through all retailers

– We support the FDA’s plans to require lists of ingredients from all manufacturers; the ingredients in V2 Platinum E-Liquids, Disposables and Cartridges can easily be downloaded on the V2 website and customers can have their unique Batch Test results sent directly to their inbox – no other e cig company provides this level of transparency.

Our CEO, J. Andries Verleur, told the media, “We endorse the FDA’s goal of ensuring that e-cigarette products are reliable, safe, and consistent.”

What can you do?

A public comment period is open through July 9, 2014. Here’s what information the FDA is requesting:
“FDA is seeking comments, including supporting research, facts, and other evidence, as to how e-cigarettes should be regulated based on the continuum of nicotine-delivering products and the potential benefits associated with e-cigarettes.”

Click here to submit your formal comment.

To read the press release published by the FDA, click here.

We’ll keep you updated on any new happenings. What are your thoughts about the FDA’s Proposed Rule?

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Comments (4)

  1. Peter Davey says:

    Hi There,
    I agree that e-cigarettes should be regulated in some way, but not to the extent that they were going to be if the proposal had of gone through. Being in business myself I know how hard it is if a government pushes a new bill or legislation through that could effect on the sales you make. Would you agree with me that more should be done to tackle rogue e-cigarette companies, but those who do provide a fair service should be at libity to do so freely without the restrictions that were going to be put into place?

    Be Interested to hear your thoughts?

    From Peter

  2. William Evans says:

    I agree with regulating the sale to minors but I hope I can still order online. I also don’t like the idea of considering it tobacco since it isn’t tobacco. I’ve given the FDA my comments and hope that I have helped in some way. Smoke free forever!

  3. Lionel Harrington says:

    It is a good step taken by FDA to ask manufacturer to furnish the detail of their product, as it is for the benefit of the consumer, but considering e-cigg as a tobacco product is not a good idea as it help in reducing the health risk and quit tobacco smoking habit, it should be in reach of those who need this for their benefit.

  4. Tim LaRock says:

    I also agree that e-cigs should not be labeled a tabacco product. I live in New York and there is a 95% tax on tobacco products in this state. This would essentially ddouble the cost of e-cigs for everyone here and obviously raise the price across the country based on each state tax. That is insanity and greed in my eyes.