Do These Things Before Summer Starts

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Summer-ize your life before it gets too hot…

The electronic cigarette industry is prepping for summer by responding to the FDA’s recent proposed regulations – but you don’t have to worry about that right now… What you should be worrying about (or at least thinking about) is getting yourself ready for summertime. Even if your plans include nothing more than relaxing by the pool, puffing on an electronic cigarette, you should still take some time to prep your schedule, body and home for the upcoming season…

summer prep 21. Change your workout routine. Your body gets used to the same exercises; switch it up to kick your muscles into high gear and pump up your physique before bathing suit season gets here.

2. Register for athletic events. If you’re a runner or obstacle course fanatic, sign up for those races now. Read this article to learn about some of the most popular obstacle races.

summer prep 13. Trim your trees and clean up your yard. When the summer storms attack, you won’t have as much debris to pick up once the skies become clear again. Get your neighbors to do the same and avoid having their branches become your problem. If your neighbors are worth it, give them a few V2® Disposable ecigarettes as a thank you.

4. Inspect your AC unit. After being second to the heater for so many months, your AC could use some TLC. Replace the filter and have the vents and ducts cleaned out (or do it yourself). If you need a repair man, get a recommendation from a friend for a reliable AC service – otherwise, you could end up paying more than you bargained for. And there’s nothing cool about that.

summer prep 35. Plan beyond your summer getaways and schedule other trips through the rest of the year; when summer’s over, you won’t be scrambling to request time off. And you’ll be able to ration your vacation days, so you’re not stuck at work while your friends take that spontaneous 3-day cruise in December.

6. Help a friend switch to e-cigs. When it gets hot, going outside and getting sweaty, just to burn a cigarette, kind of sucks. Get your friends ecigarettes from V2 and help them avoid the heat. There’s nothing better than the simple pleasure of lounging with your closest friends, enjoying an electronic cigarette…

Prepare your house, body and schedule for the summer months and you’ll be ready to greet the summer months; pull out your electric cigarette, kick back and relax.

How do you get ready for summertime?


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