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Beverages to Fill Your Cup during the Soccer Matches

Filed in Lifestyle by on June 23, 2014

Fill your Cup with beverages from around the world; complement each tasty concoction with a different V2 Flavor in your e-cig.
world cup drinks 2
The soccer matches this year may be hosted by Brazil, but the celebrations are everywhere – even in the USA. Since “futbol” time usually means drinking time, let’s take a look at six well-known beverages from the countries playing in this week’s games. And let’s make it fun.

For every match you watch, fill your Cup with your favorite country’s drink. Try experimenting with different V2 Flavors in your electric cigarettes as you sip on these new beverages. Then, kick back and enjoy some soccer. Drinking games are optional.

world cup drinks 3

Argentina: Fernet & Cola is usually the drink of choice for soccer-loving Argentinians. Simply pour the Fernet (a bitter and spicy Italian spirit) over ice and then add cola. The ratio of alcohol to soda is up to you. Puff on V2 Peppermint as you sip, and refill your Cup as necessary.
brazil caipirinha
Brazil: Caipirinha is the official cocktail of Brazil; made with lime, sugar and a spirit called cachaça. Fill your Cup with this classic concoction during any match – it’s necessary to have at least one. Find a simple recipe here. Enjoy a V2 Menthol flavor in your e-cig to complement your caipirinha.

Colombia: Aguardiente is anise-flavored liquor favored by most Colombian futbol fans. Take a few shots, chasing each with a wedge of lime – this “fire water” tends to taste less fiery after the third swig. Be careful, folks! V2 Red is the flavor to pair with this spirit.

world cup drinks 4Germany: Beer is the perfect choice for Germany, and for good reason. The country produces excellent lagers, among other delicious brews. Pour yourself a cold glass of some dark German beer and enjoy it with any of your favorite V2 flavors in your ecigarette (try V2 Vanilla for a unique, yet tasty, combination).

Russia: Vodka. We probably didn’t even need to say it. Pick up a bottle of Russian vodka and drink it neat or with your favorite mixer; try pairing it with V2’s newest flavor, Mint Chocolate cup drinks

USA: Bourbon is the classic American spirit. Mix yourself an Old Fashioned or simply pour it over ice. Enjoy your e cig with tobacco flavors, like V2 Red or V2 Congress, to complement your bourbon beverage of choice.

Want to find any of these drinks? Check your neighborhood liquor stores or visit a few local bars to see what you can easily acquire for your own futbol festivities.

How will you fill your Cup during the soccer matches this month; and which electric cigarette flavors will you enjoy as you imbibe?


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