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Four Ways to Enjoy V2; Explained by the CEO

Filed in Lifestyle by on June 17, 2014

Recently, our CEO, J. Andries Verleur, posted a comment on the V2 Forum listing four ways to experience V2 Flavors in your e cigs. He made some points that we’re compelled to share with you; who better to explain our products than our co-founder and CEO?

v2 ecigarettes blanks and cartridgesWe are passionate that you get the most out of your electronic cigarettes. This breakdown of the four ways to enjoy V2 will help you choose which type of cartridge (aka cartomizer) is best for you.

Before diving into the different ways to enjoy V2 Flavors in your ecigarettes, note that pre-filled cartridges contain our proprietary e-liquid formulas; refillable cartridges can be used with V2 Platinum E-Liquids (or any e-liquid you choose – of course we prefer V2). All four types of flavor cartridges can be enjoyed with any battery from V2, including V2 Power-Cigs and EX Batteries.

Here are the Four Ways to enjoy V2, as outlined by the CEO:

0567_v2_blogimagerequest1. V2 Classic Cartridges: Even as we release new products, V2 Classic Cartridges remain popular with fans. Convenient and easy to use; just attach to your V2 battery and go! When your V2 Classic Cartridge runs out of e-liquid, simply throw it away and start a new one. These are available in all V2 Flavors and can be purchased in packs of 5, 20, 40 & 80.

2. V2 EX Cartridges: The newest addition to our lineup, V2 EX Cartridges feature groundbreaking ecig technology; because they’re pre-filled, they offer the same convenience and ease of use as our V2 Classic Cartridges. An indicator window on the side lets you see how much liquid remains and an airtight seal optimizes air flow, giving you thick vapor production with no need for priming. Currently, they’re available in V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Peppermint, & Green Tea Menthol.*

3. V2 Classic Blanks: The original refillable cartridges from V2 still reign supreme for lots of fans. Since they’re designed to be filled up to five times before tossing, you get the convenience of disposable cartridges with the ability to vape any e-liquid you choose. Simply fill your V2 Classic Blank with up to 20 drops of your favorite e-liquid (or customize your own mix) and enjoy with any of your ecigarettes from V2.

4. V2 EX Blanks: EX Blanks are refillable cartomizers designed with a screw-on cap and a clear body that lets you see what’s inside. V2 EX Blanks have become wildly popular among the DIY crowd – if you like to customize flavors, this is the way to go. Fill with the e-liquid of your choice, screw on the mouthpiece, attach to your ecig battery and vape away… Read more about EX Blanks here.

v2 best ecigarettes

When choosing which of the four ways you’ll enjoy V2 e cigs, note that you will experience the flavors differently from one type of cartridge to another. For an in-depth explanation of why, read what Andries wrote on the V2 Forum:

“Regardless which direction you choose, the liquid is the same. This does not mean that the experience is the same. V2 Red 1.8% in an EX blank can taste different than in a Classic Cart or in an EX Cartridge. This is because the temperature profiles are slightly different from one cartridge type to another. The way you heat the liquid will have a profound difference in the flavor, vapor thickness, and overall experience. Vaping is an extremely subjective experience and what works for one person is often very different than for another.”

Questions? Comments? Reach out to our Customer Service department with a chat or phone call. You can also check out the V2 Forum to see what other fans of ecigarettes are talking about – our forum is an active online community that’s there to let you interact with other, likeminded vapers; and with us.

*To read a more in-depth explanation of the EX Cartridges, check out this comment our CEO left on the V2 Forum (his username is Andries_V2cigs).

Everyone has different preferences. How do you enjoy V2? Let us know in the comment section.

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Comments (1)

  1. Janet Fugate says:

    I’ve been using v2 e cigs for 3 years & I really enjoy hem. You have a great product so send me a discount & I’ll order more supplies.