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Host the Ultimate Summertime Shindig

Filed in Lifestyle by on June 9, 2014

shindig 1Summer doesn’t start until June 21, but if you go outside at sundown for an evening session with your e cig you’ll likely be greeted with the familiar aroma of someone grilling their dinner. Your calendar may disagree, but it’s obvious that summertime has arrived. Go ahead and take advantage of this season’s warm weather and laid-back attitudes – invite some friends over for a few drinks and a seriously good time.

Here are some ideas to help you host the ultimate summertime shindig:

Crowd-Pleasing Themes:

1. Classic Summer BBQ – Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? Take care of the meat and have your guests bring the side dishes (think pasta salad, fruit and raw veggies). Pick up some corn (with the husk on) and toss it on the grill, street cart style. Cut up a watermelon for dessert. Enjoy a few ice cold brews.

2. Poker Night – Invite a handful of friends over for some serious gambling at your kitchen table. Invest in a nice bottle of bourbon for cocktails and give everyone an e cig to enjoy. Dim the lights, puff on your e cigarettes, sip an Old Fashioned and take your friends’ money…

e cig poker night

3. Baseball – Have some friends over to enjoy this quintessential American summer sport. Check out the MLB schedule of national broadcasts so you can plan ahead – there’s usually at least one game every night. Doesn’t matter who’s playing; pick a team, bet against your friends and see what happens. Batter up!

4. Outdoor Gathering – Ask your friends to meet at a local lake, river or beach for a relaxed get-together. Bring a picnic dinner, several cans of beer, lawn chairs and wine to drink out of plastic cups. Repel pesky insects with bug spray or some citronella candles. Play your favorite summer tunes and revel in every moment.

5. Liquid Potluck – Ditch the usual potluck dinner of monster-sized lasagna and greasy casseroles. Instead, ask your guests to bring plenty of buzz-inducing booze and mixers. They should arrive ready to mix up several of their favorite cocktail (or pour their favorite wine or beer) for everyone to taste. Food is still welcome; but drinks are required. Complement your beverages with different V2 flavors in your ecig.

Make Things More Interesting:

• Diversify your shindig by asking everyone to bring a person they don’t know very well (like a coworker or gym acquaintance).

• Put some games out on a table in case the party needs a change of mood. If you like to play in the gutter, try this card game for adults.

Hosting Tips:

v2 e cig shindigPut together a playlist that’s as long as you want the party to last – tell people that when the music ends, so does the party! Or, include an end time in your invitation so there’s no question about when it’s appropriate for your guests to leave.

Keep a few extra blankets handy just in case any of your over-served guests need to spend the night.

Create a festive mood and light up the night by hanging LED rope lights wherever you can.

Have some pizza delivered before the guests arrive. Cut the slices into squares, garnish with fresh basil and put them out on a nice serving tray.

Don’t stress! Serve prepared food and keep your electronic cigarettes close.

Are you planning any shindigs this summer? Do you have any tips/ideas to share with us? Let us know in the comment section.


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