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Planning an Extended Joyride? How to Pack for a Proper Road Trip

Filed in Lifestyle by on June 19, 2014

v2 e cigarette road tripRoad trips let you make the journey part of the destination. All you have to do is load the car, plug in your electronic cigarettes and go. You’re on your own schedule – and no matter where you end up, you’re exactly where you should be. (Unless you find yourself stuck in a thunderstorm, without your car (how did that happen?), e cigarette almost dead, in the middle of a corn field: you probably shouldn’t be there.)

Whether you’re planning to drive for several hours or several days, you’ll need to equip your vehicle with a few necessities. We’ve put together a mini guide to help you prepare for your extended joyride.

Stock your car with food, water, entertainment, emergency supplies and anything else you may need should you end up stranded (a couple of V2 Disposable e-cigs could come in handy). Most of the emergency items will (hopefully) never be used – but if you do get stuck, you’ll be glad to have them.

road trip1

1. Nourishment: Bring food and bottled water. Don’t assume you’ll always find a place to eat. If you do get hungry, take a drive through a small town, roll down your windows, and stop to chow down when you smell something delicious. It may just be the best meal you’ve ever had…

2. First Aid Kit: You should already have a first aid kit in your car. Beef it up with extra bandages, ointments, gloves, and other items for minor medical emergencies. Here’s a list of the basics.

3. Emergency Supplies: Stock your car with items like jumper cables, extra fuses, a portable battery charger (you’ll need it if your phone runs out of power), and other ICE (in case of emergency) supplies. We found a helpful resource with a checklist here.

4. Entertainment: Of course you’ll want to bring along an e cigarette (or two or three). Get your favorite music ready by creating playlists on your MP3 player or burning CDs. Plan to listen to a variety of tunes; changing it up every few songs will keep you more alert. Upload some movies or TV shows to your tablet in case you need to pull over for an electric cigarette session and some relaxation.

Extra Tips:

road trip4• Plan your route, but be flexible – some of the best memories can come from spontaneous stops!

• Keep the essentials within reach – make sure your water, snacks and electronic cigarettes are close enough for you to grab them when needed.

• Use your GPS – if you have one, use it! You probably don’t want to get lost in the middle of nowhere.

• Keep your phone charged – in case of an emergency, you’ll want to be able to contact someone for help. You should also check in with a friend or family member every once in a while so someone knows where you are.

• Use cruise control – it will help you maintain a steady speed and avoid getting pulled over. Your leg will also appreciate the bit of rest and your wallet might too; cruise control can improve your gas mileage.

• Rest often – if it takes effort to keep your eyes open, pull over and lean back for a few minutes. Take a quick nap if you need.

• Keep your brain engaged with snacks, water and music. We read somewhere that listening to comedy can help you stay alert. Download some standup and mix it in with your tunes.

road trip2

Use this packing list for your next road trip and you’ll be able to fully enjoy yourself, knowing your vehicle is stocked with all the essentials. For tips on driving techniques and avoiding road rage, read our recent blog post here.

Where will your car take you this summer?


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