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How-To Vape 4 Free: Joining the Program & Earning Points

Filed in Promotions by on June 12, 2014

v4f sliderYou’ve probably heard of our new rewards program, appropriately dubbed “Vape 4 Free”. Since its launch in April, Vape 4 Free has compensated thousands of loyal V2 customers like you with points that can be used to buy ecigs, flavor products and accessories from V2. Join and start earning your points today; soon, you’ll have the opportunity to vape for free (literally).

You deserve to get the most out of your e cig experience and V2’s exclusive Vape 4 Free program helps you do exactly that. It all starts with joining V4F and earning points.

Before you can earn points, you’ll have to activate your Vape 4 Free account. Here’s how:

Current V2 Customers:

1. Log in to your V2 account at
2. Locate the “Manage Your Account” menu on the left side of your screen and click on the blue link that says “V4F Rewards”
3. Click “ENABLE REWARD POINTS” to activate your Vape 4 Free account and start earning points!
*Since you can’t earn points until you activate your membership, every new member of V4F will start with a point balance of zero. But don’t worry – Vape 4 Free points add up quickly.

New V2 Customers:

1. Visit the “Log in” page at
2. Click “Create Account” and follow the simple steps to set up your new V2 account
3. Visit your V2 account page and locate the “Manage Your Account” menu on the left side of the screen
4. Click on the blue link that says “V4F Rewards”
5. Click “ENABLE REWARD POINTS” to activate your Vape 4 Free account and start earning points!

v2 ecigs v4f

Four Ways to Earn V4F Points:

1. Refer New Customers (150 Points per Referral)

Just like our previous rewards program, Smoke 4 Free, every member of V4F has a unique referral code. If you were a member of S4F, your referral code stays the same. To find your V4F code, look on the top right corner of your Vape 4 Free account page. It’s called “Your Personal Referral Code”. Simple.

– Share your Vape 4 Free code with friends and family who want to try V2 electric cigarettes.

– When a new customer purchases a V2 Starter Kit and submits your code at checkout, they’ll get 15% off the kit and you’ll get 150 V4F points!

v2 ecigs v4f cards

2. Earn 50 Points by Subscribing to V2 Clicks

We’ll keep you in the loop with all things ecigs and you’ll get 50 points. Did you subscribe before activating your Vape 4 Free account? You still get those points. Since you can only sign up for our newsletter once, 50 points will have automatically been added to your V4F account upon activation.

v2 clicks
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3. Write an Approved Product Review (25 Points)

When we approve one of your product reviews, you get 25 points. With points awarded for up to 25 approved product reviews, you could earn a grand total of 625 points!

4. Earn Points by Shopping Online

You get 1 point for every $1 you spend. When you redeem points, 10 points = $1.

buy v2 ecigs onlineLet’s say you have 855 points in your V4F account.

If you place an order totaling $79.95, you will receive 80 points.

If you decide to pay for part of your order with points, 300 points = $30, bringing your total to $49.95. You will earn 50 points for this order because $49.95 = 50 points.

So, if your V4F account had 855 points and you redeemed 300 points, your new balance is 555 points. Then, because you spent $49.95, your V4F account will be credited with 50 points. Making your new balance 605 points.

Points earned for making a purchase are credited to you AFTER your order has shipped, so don’t worry if they don’t show up in your account immediately.

If you have any questions about Vape 4 Free, your e cigarettes or even what flavor to try next, feel free to contact the V2 Customer Service department at 1-877-37-VAPOR (1-877-378-2767). You can also visit the V2 Forum to read what other V2 customers are saying and join in the conversation.

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