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How to Blend the Perfect (Frozen) Boozy Beverage

Filed in Lifestyle by on July 28, 2014

e cigarettes and frozen beveragesWhen the sun is blazing and you’re blistering hot, a refreshing frozen beverage may be just what you need to complement your e cigarette.

As you enjoy some hard-earned time off, puffing on your e cigarette and lounging around on a lazy summer afternoon, why not sip on a frozen cocktail? Mix it yourself for a refreshing, homemade adult refreshment.

Making a frozen drink can be easier than mixing e-liquid for a new e cigarette flavor – just pour and mix! Check out some of our tips, below, and you’ll be blending boozy beverages in no time…

1. Don’t use big chunks of ice; they could damage your blender. Instead, use chips or crushed ice. You can easily make your own crushed ice with a mallet and a plastic bag. Just fill a gallon freezer bag halfway with ice and pound away with the mallet until you’ve annihilated the cubes, transforming them into tiny shards of frozen water – the perfect form of ice for your perfect frozen cocktail.

frozen mix
2. Figure out whether you prefer fresh fruit or frozen. Fresh fruit will give your drink a smoother texture while frozen fruit lets you use less ice. Both are awesome. Squeeze some fresh lemon and/or lime juice into your mix for an extra boost of tropical flavor. What’s a frozen beverage without fruit?

3. Add your ingredients to the blender in order of consistency, from thinnest to thickest; liquids first (rum, anyone?), then fruits – ice goes in last.

4. Check the texture of your mix frequently: wait for the blades to completely stop spinning, open the lid of the blender and stir. Keep blending if you notice chunks of fruit and ice; add more ice or frozen fruit if your mix is too thin. You should end up with a mix that slightly sticks to the side of the blender, but it shouldn’t be so thick that any needs to be removed with a spoon.

5. Don’t rush the blending process – giving it enough time will be worth it when you taste the whipped, airy and smooth consistency of your creation… If you’re impatient, just have a vape session with your ecig as you mix.

6. Garnish! Garnish! Garnish!

e cigarette flavor garnish

7. Serve your frozen booze in chilled glasses to slow down the inevitable melting process.

8. Experience a piña colada two ways. Mix it as a cocktail in a blender and then enjoy our new limited-edition flavor, Piña Colada, in your electronic cigarette. Delicious.

pina colada e cigarette flavor

9. Experiment with different recipes and enjoy complementing flavors in your ecigarettes (tell us your favorites!).

For more details on how to mix the perfect frozen cocktails, check out this article.

Do you have any tips to add? What are some of your favorite frozen boozy beverages?


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