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Enter to Win V2 Fan of the Month & Save $$$ with Exclusive Combo Deals

Filed in Our Fans, Promotions by on July 20, 2014

Shop V2 for Exclusive Combo Deals | Taste the Flavor of V2 Piña Colada | V2 Fan of the Month Contest

This week we’re announcing the arrival of new combo deals, the latest V2 Fan of the Month contest, and the winning flavor of V2’s Taste of Summer contest. Which flavor did you vote for?

Shop for Combo Deals

We’ve added new Combo Deal options! When you add any V2 Starter Kit, bottle of E-Liquid or qualifying sized-pack of Flavor Cartridges to your online shopping cart, you’ll be offered a chance to save up to 20% on select V2 products. Order a new Classic or EX Starter Kit and choose from a 5-pack of Mint Chocolate Truffle Cartridges, a V2 Flavor Sampler or a V2 Car Adapter. Running low on EX Blanks? Pick up a V2 E-Liquid Starter Kit and get a pack of EX Blanks for just $11.96, or opt for 20% savings on a new PCC or 25ML bottle of Platinum E-Liquid. Stock up on 20, 40 or 80-packs of cartridges and score one-time only savings on a V2 Flavor Sampler, 5-pack of Mint Chocolate Truffle Cartridges or a V2 Standard Automatic Battery. Purchase a bottle of V2 Platinum E-Liquid and get 20% off an additional 25ML bottle, a pack of EX Blanks or a V2 Car Adapter. Start stocking up and saving today!

Win V2 Fan of the Month

v2 cigs fan of the month
Do you have a signature blend of V2 Platinum E-Liquid? Perhaps you found the perfect ratio of Sahara to Chocolate, added a drop of Menthol and discovered the most magnificent e-liquid blend you’ve ever tasted. Tell us about your flavor creation and you could be crowned the V2 Fan of the Month with a $250 online shopping spree! To enter, log in to your account on the V2 Forum and post your concoction in the contest thread. The winner will be announced one week after the contest ends. Entry period is July 21-25. Good luck!

We have a V2 Taste of Summer Winner!

We have a winner! After tallying your votes from the V2 Taste of Summer contest, we’re pleased to announce that Piña Colada will be the next seasonal flavor launched by V2. You’ll be able to purchase this limited edition flavor in V2 Classic Cartridges, in your choice of nicotine strength: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and zero. Stay tuned for more information – these tasty cartridges will only be available while supplies last!

Comments (5)

  1. v2_nut says:

    I was forced to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes when my elderly father came to live with me in March 2013. My sister had tried V2 and suggested i try them.
    I’m forever grateful for that step in the right direction. Their website and products are easy to navigate. There are just enough options and not overwhelming like some sites I’ve seen, and their customer service is – well, second to none. They ALWAYS try to keep the customer happy.
    I learned a lot in the last year…how to clean the batteries, use drip tips, EX blanks – I love those things. I wouldn’t go back to tobacco cigs if you PAID me.
    I feel so much better, I don’t have to hear my son and grandkids begging me to stop smoking anymore, my house smells fresh and clean again, and me too, for that matter!
    I can tell when I’m standing next to a smoker in a store – yikes! They smell like smoke stacks! I’m so glad I made the switch. 1 year and four months now – tobacco free! I’m a happy girl. Thanks V2!!!

  2. Sharon says:

    My friends & family are amazed at how I haven’t given in & have continued to smoke my V2’s.
    I tried other brands, but there was nothing that compared to the V2 flavor.
    The vape4free program is also another great perk of being a valued V2 customer. It has saved me a lot of money when reordering my supplies.
    Another reason I love my V2 is their unbelievable customer service. I am amazed at how professional and helpful their representatives are.
    I will forever be a V2 fan!

    Thank you V2!!!

  3. Valerie Reeves says:

    I just bought one of your v2 e-cig. It is great! I got the regular reds flavor. I live on a fixed income and its so hard to buy the cartridges , at least enough to last me from month to month. I really don’t want to stop using it because I love it and I enjoy smoking it. Any coupons for any of your cartridges would help me extremely help me out more than words can say. I only had enough money to buy one of your e-cig so I don’t know what I’m going to do when it runs out. Thank you for this wonderful product and I’m so happy I bought one.
    Thankful and sincerely

  4. Valerie Reeves says:

    Please Help Me With Which Ever Way You Can to get the ( Red Cartridges)!!
    I Am Begging because I need these for the V2 E-Cig. This little CIG is very important to my care.
    Thank you
    Valerie Reeves

  5. robert c. dohring says:

    So thank you V-2 for making life so much better, for me , my wife and my granddaughter. I would love nothing more than to be ‘The fan of the week’. Since I started using my V-2 , It’s been a “Win-Win” for my whole Family. It’s been so nice not to have to smell that awful cigarette smell.
    Sincerely , Robert C. Dohring