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Four Ways to Enjoy the Taste of Piña Colada (besides in your ecigarettes)

Filed in Lifestyle by on July 30, 2014

If you like piña coladas and the taste of ecigarettes, then you’ll love this blog post…

pina colada ecigarettesLast week, we released the newest seasonal flavor from V2 – Piña Colada (have you tried it yet?). Since then, we’ve been finding ways to enjoy the flavor in more than our ecigarettes.

Piña colada doesn’t have to be just a frozen cocktail or a flavor for your electronic cigarette (even though both are delicious). From cupcakes to a tasty chicken dish, you can enjoy the tropical taste in all types of food and drink. Check out some of our favorites, below. Complement each recipe with V2 Piña Colada in your ecig and you’ll be swept away to a tropical paradise – in your mind, of course. Unless you have super powers. If that’s the case, please tell us your secrets…


Whip up a traditional frozen piña colada using four simple ingredients: ice, rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Garnish with just about anything and you’ll end up with a tasty, frozen rum cocktail – the perfect complement to your piña colada flavored e cigarette.


pina colada cupcake

Bake some piña colada flavored cupcakes and top them with spiked icing to keep your buzz going strong. Try this simple recipe that has you put the booze in the frosting so the alcohol doesn’t get cooked out of the cupcakes in the oven. Have one of these for dessert after your piña colada chicken dish. Follow your meal with V2 Piña Colada in your electronic cigarette.


Take a few minutes to prep a piña colada flavored marinade, and then pour it over some chicken breasts, refrigerate and grill. Liquor lovers needn’t fret; this recipe calls for a quarter cup of rum… The alcohol will dissipate on the grill, but you’ll still taste the rum – as long as you keep your boozy cocktail nearby.

Jello Shot

pina colada jello shots

Prepare some of these grown up gelatinous shots for your next party. You’ll need to devote some time in order to end up with perfect shots; but once you finally slurp down your rum-filled concoction, the time spent will be the last thing on your mind. And a third shot may be your last memory of the evening. Cheers!

How do you take your Piña Colada?

pina colada


Comments (1)

  1. Fstop says:

    Prefer my pina coladas without rum, but occasionally liquor it up. Love pina colada in plain yogart! Its heaven to eat pina colada sherbert. Don’t know i would like pina colada hot on chicken??? Have to see. Look forward to sampling V2 pina colada;)