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July is National Hot Dog Month; Three Gourmet Wieners You Can’t Resist

Filed in Lifestyle by on July 9, 2014

The month of July represents summer at its finest. The smell of dinner being grilled, the sound of fireworks at night, the taste of a cold beer, the satisfaction of puffing on your favorite ecigs; these are all things we love about July (and sometimes year-round). But we also love hot dogs – and it just happens to (supposedly) be National Hot Dog Month. Let’s celebrate with some updated versions of the old-fashioned wiener.

ecigs & hot dogs are awesome
Hot dogs are no longer the epitome of mystery meat on a bun. Now, you can find them in countless varieties, from traditional, to gourmet, to completely outrageous. We’ve listed some of our favorites, including complementing V2 Flavor suggestions.

Colombian Style

This dog has a few variations, but it traditionally contains pineapple sauce, coleslaw, ketchup, mayonnaise and crushed potato chips. Some people add bacon or cheese and we’ve even seen them topped with quail eggs! Enhance your Colombian experience and savor V2 Coffee in your ecigs after enjoying this unusual, yet delicious, concoction.

Lobster Roll

lobster roll w mint ecigs
To make a lobster roll, replace the traditional hot dog with chunks of lobster, seasoned with butter and garlic. Garnish with nothing more than fresh scallions and a pinch of salt. When it’s time to puff on your electric cigarettes, try the light, refreshing flavor of Green Tea Menthol to complement the taste of your lobster roll.


A surprisingly tasty combination of flavors, the Completo is a traditional hot dog topped with chilled sauerkraut, tomatoes, mashed avocado and mayonnaise. Get hot dog buns that can handle all of this deliciousness by heading to the bakery instead of the bread aisle. Enjoy V2 Cola in your e cig after chowing down.

Bonus Tips:

hotdogs2• Substitute plates for these reusable hot dog trays

• Don’t forget to toast your buns

• Try substituting a traditional all-beef or pork dog with one made of Kobe beef, bison or any other lean meat

• Hosting a wiener roast? Arrange some V2 Disposable e cigarettes where guests can see them; they won’t badger you to share your own e cig and they’ll appreciate your “thoughtfulness”

How do you take your dogs? Do you have your own variations of the styles we’ve listed above?

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