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Three Summer Destinations; Countless Ways to Enjoy Them

Filed in Lifestyle by on July 16, 2014

Everyone needs some time away. How will you spend yours?

Summertime comes around and most of the nation goes into vacation mode, scrambling to make travel plans for the entire family. But have you ever taken a special getaway for your own pleasure? If not, try to plan one. (Seriously, get that time off request to your boss ASAP!)

When the time comes, pack up your electronic cigarettes, map out a game plan and head to your destination. Even if you only leave town for the weekend, you’ll return feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into the daily grind. Be prepared for a good time and don’t let anyone hinder your plans; this is your vacation. Separate from your travel buddies to get some time alone, or go at it solo for a liberating experience.

electronic cigarettes summer vacation

Use the following ideas for inspiration when you’re planning your own getaway. Although we’ve listed just three types of destinations, each has countless activities for you to enjoy. Mold your vacation to fit your desires…



Take a cruise this summer for a worry-free vacation. Choose how to spend your time at sea – you can relax at the spa, get tipsy by the bar or even hibernate in your cabin. Fill your evenings with live entertainment, casino games and dancing. Whether you’re partying or relaxing, remember to bring plenty of refills for your e-cigs. Bon voyage!


Pack your bathing suit, sunscreen and plenty of beer. Rent a beach house for your trip or check in to a hotel within walking distance of the ocean. Lounge under the sun, plan a few water activities and channel your inner beach bum. Puff on the cool flavor of V2 Menthol in your e cigarette. Is the surf up, dude?

electronic cigarettes on the mountainMountains

Get adventurous and explore the peaks and valleys of a mountainous destination. Spend your nights in a tent and fill your days with activities like hiking and white water rafting. Give yourself a power trip and climb to the highest summit; then, sit down and enjoy a session with your electric cigarette as you tower over the rest of the world…

Hopefully by now you’re scrambling to turn in your time off request. What’s your ideal vacation?

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Comments (1)

  1. Lisa Trotter says:

    My ideal vacation is a remote tropical island, surrounded by endless clear water, white sands, and the only sounds being natural ones, coming from the waves crashing against the white sandy shores, the occasional sound of thunder from a tropical storm approaching followed by the extremely fast downpour, the thud of a coconut falling from a tree, and the singing of the tropical birds as they know this paradise to be their only home. At night, the only sound is the rising tide, the few critters that I am happy to hear, but not see. The beautiful bungalow is nested high above the pounding surf, surrounded by palms and sand, with a neatly sand-made path lit with Tiki lamps at night for that romantic walk on the beach with the love of my life. The bungalow itself is a dream. It’s filled with the smell of fresh island cotton, and the master bedroom is all white, with one red rose and dozens of rose petals spread upon the king size bed. There is a door that opens out to a huge patio deck with a built in hot tub that overlooks the beautiful view of the ocean and the white shoreline. While enjoying morning view, and vaping away, I notice a line of swimming dolphins making their way across the endless blue sea, to parts unknown to me. My love fixes me a delicious breakfast, we shower, and make our morning walk down to the shore, hand in hand we walk until we can no longer see our footsteps as they disappear as fast as the wave of water that covers them and carries them back out to sea. Two beautiful nights, three sun filled days, and it’s time to return to reality, and back to our normal lives. We are greeted by an approaching boat, and aboard with both sadness and happiness as we remember what were leaving, and realize what were returning to, our normal every day working lives, and we pause, look back, puff on our vape and board the ship. We will return to this tropical paradise again, and next time, we may just have to stay a little longer.