How-To Vape 4 Free: Redeeming Points

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In case you haven’t heard already, Vape 4 Free is our new customer loyalty program; a truly rewarding points-based system that compensates you for being the awesome customer that you’ve always been. Thousands of V2 fans have already begun racking up V4F points to redeem for their favorite V2 e cigarette products – are you one of them?

To learn about joining Vape 4 Free and earning points, check out our blog post from June 12 by clicking here.

Today, let’s go over how to redeem your V4F points for awesome electronic cigarette batteries, flavor products and accessories from V2.

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How to Redeem Your Vape 4 Free Points

1. Visit and make sure you’re logged into your V2 account

2. Fill your shopping cart with your favorite V2 e cigarette products (and maybe some new stuff to try!)

3. Begin the simple checkout process from your V2 shopping cart – you will be given the option to redeem V4F points on your order (see image below)

4. Click on “Set Points to Redeem” – this link is below the line that says “Available Vape 4 Free Points”

5. Enter the amount of points you would like to redeem on your order (or click “Use Maximum” to redeem all of your V4F points), and then click “APPLY”

6. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” to complete your order

7. Sit back and relax. Your ecig order is on its way!

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About Redeeming V4F Points

point value cat page.PNG– 10 V4F points = $1 V2 Credit; in other words, every ten points you earn equals $1 to redeem for any e cigarette product at V2

– You don’t need to redeem all of your points at the same time

– V2 e-Gift Certificates cannot be purchased using points

– Points can’t be used to pay for tax and shipping

– When shopping online at V2, every product will include both the dollar value and the number of V4F points the item can be redeemed for. (see image) – once you’re in the Club, Premier or Elite tiers, you’ll also see your discounted price.

Example: You have 800 V4F points in your V2 account, which translates into $80 V2 credit – you can redeem these 800 points, worth $80, online at, however you like.

For instance, you could use 50 points to get $5 off the total of your next order or use all 800 points to get $80 off. You could even use 280 points to get $28 off your total (because why not?).

Or, you could let your points accrue by choosing not to redeem them for your next few orders; this will help you move to a higher tier more quickly. Do what you want. This is your program!

If you have any questions about Vape 4 Free, your ecigarettes , or even what flavor to try next, feel free to contact the V2 Customer Service department via live chat or email, or call them at 1-877-37-VAPOR (1-877-378-2767). You can also visit the V2 Forum to read what other V2 customers are saying and join in the ecig-friendly conversation.


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