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32 Ways to Enjoy the Last 32 Days of Summer

Filed in Lifestyle, Promotions by on August 15, 2014

enjoy summer electronic cigarettesSeptember 22nd marks the official beginning of autumn; starting August 20, you’ll have exactly 32 days left to enjoy early evening sunlight and summer’s relaxed environment. How will you take advantage of these last precious days before fall?

Here’s a list of things you can do to fully enjoy the fading days of summer…

1. Take a weekend getaway to a summery location you’ve never visited before

2. Go on a day trip and explore an attraction in your area

3. Host a get-together with your closest friends

4. Get wet! Head to the nearest body of water and take a swim

5. Eat a hot dog (because everyone needs to eat at least one during summertime)

days of summer

6. Drink an ice-cold beer (or two or three)

7. Enjoy your electronic cigarettes outside, reveling in the warm weather

8. Shop for next year’s summer clothes (they’ll usually be on sale)

9. Eat in-season fruit while it tastes best

10. Take a walk during the early evening hours and enjoy the sun’s final rays of the day

11. Have a picnic lunch with cold beers, fried chicken and good friends

12. Grill an entire meal
days of summer1

13. Make a piña colada-flavored cocktail, Jello shot or chicken dish (yes, we said piña colada chicken)

14. Try a piña colada flavor cartridge in your e cig

15. Eat an ice cream cone outside – before it melts

16. Call anyone you meant to see this summer and make plans to catch up, this week

17. Go out to eat at a restaurant with outdoor seating and actually sit outside

18. Make some cold, refreshing lemonade

19. Order a margarita with lunch

days of summer2

20. Get a car wash (it’s time to clean that sand out of your creases)

21. Mix new flavors for your e cigarettes in preparation for autumn

22. Go for a late afternoon or early morning bike ride

23. Take off your shoes and walk around outside

days of summer3

24. Look up at the stars when the sun goes down

25. Do something fun with your family to mark the end of a great season

26. Take a drive with the windows down, enjoying the warm air

v2 e cigarette road trip

27. Request your time-off from work for the rest of the year

28. Settle into a lounge chair (doesn’t matter where) with a good book and a cooler full of refreshments and snacks – don’t forget a fully charged e cig

29. Run your heater to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming months

30. Read up on the latest ecig industry news

31. Get sweaty outside – you’ll miss the heat when it’s gone

32. Go to the park at sundown, spread out a blanket, puff on your electronic cigarettes and watch the sun set

When the sun sets on summertime, you’ll be glad you took advantage of every day. And you’ll be ready to greet autumn with a smile (even if it’s forced).


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