types of vaporizers

E-cigs Aren’t the Only Types of Vaporizers

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By definition, any device that converts a substance to vapor is a vaporizer.
types of vaporizers
There is widespread belief that a vaporizer is either a supersized electronic cigarette or – more commonly – a gadget used to consume substances that are less than legal in most states. Actually, there are multiple types of vaporizing devices utilized for various purposes. And even though they all perform the same basic action, people refer to them differently. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right?

You’ve probably come across several types of vaporizers in unexpected places, without even realizing how similar they are to e-cigs.

• A bar: Specialized booze vaporizers allow you to get your buzz on by inhaling vapor produced by the liquor of your choice (now you can vape your electric cigarette and your drink!)

• The hospital: Anesthesiologists require vaporizers to prepare and administer the medicine that patients inhale before certain procedures

• Your doctor: Nebulizers are types of vaporizers used for certain respiratory treatments, which deliver medicine through inhalation

• The spa: Spas utilize vaporizing devices during various treatments, like diffusers for aromatherapy and steamers for facials

• A live performance: Fog machines are employed for dramatic effects during live shows and other events; sometimes, they’re compared to e cigarettes because of similarities in the liquid being vaporized

• Your house: Besides your collection of ecigarettes, you may very well have vaporizers all over the place – humidifiers create water vapor to keep the air moist; aromatherapy machines emit fragrant vapor to please the senses; personal steam inhalers produce steam to breathe in for various benefits

types of vaporizers

While each type of vaporizer may look a bit different, they all produce vapor for one reason or another. Of course, if you’re a fan of V2, you get to experience a vaporizer in action every time you puff on your electronic cigarette…

Do you have any types of vaporizers (not your e-cigs!) to add to this list? Tell us in the comment section.

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