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Hangovers & How to Deal with Them

Filed in Lifestyle by on August 4, 2014

How many hangovers have you endured in your lifetime? If you’re like most people, you’ve had to suffer through at least a few miserable times as a result of a few “just one more” decisions.. You may have had the best night ever, puffing on your e cigarette and drinking until the sun came up. But the following 24 hours were most likely a bust – a painful, uncomfortable and unproductive waste of time.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an e cigarette that will cure a hangover. So what will help get rid of that pounding headache, rumbling stomach, cloudy brain and overall feeling of awfulness?

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Apparently, there’s no proven effective hangover treatment. But some people still swear by certain techniques; whether they work or not, anything that could ease the pain is worth a try. After asking around, here is a list of some popular hangover remedies.

Hair of the Dog – Just apply some of the hair of the dog that bit you and you’ll feel better, right? Perhaps. The hair of the dog technique usually calls for a Bloody Mary or a beer alongside your breakfast. Pair a V2 Menthol cartridge with your e cigarette to help the so-called medicine go down. Stop at just one though; you don’t want another hangover tomorrow.

Greasy Fare – How this type of food helps, no one knows for sure – some people (who aren’t hung over) get sick just from eating fried food. But if it provides relief, go for it. Order a huge platter of eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. Finish off the meal by puffing on an ecig flavored with V2 Cola.

Hydration – The results of our inquiries suggest that the best thing you can do during a long night out, is stay hydrated. During drinking hours, order water between beverages – and actually drink it (sip between drags of your ecig so you can still enjoy some flavor). Before crawling into bed, put a glass of water on your nightstand so you can down it as soon as you’re able to peel open your eyes in the morning. The next day, keep a bottle of H20 right next to your electronic cigarette so you remember to continue guzzling the good stuff – all day long.

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Rest – If your schedule permits, let your body recover on its own; the one thing we know for sure is that hangovers do go away eventually. Stay in bed and allow your body to reset; all you have to do is wait. Pass the time by mixing and tasting new e-liquid flavors for your ecigarettes or shopping online at

These suggestions probably aren’t backed up by hard science; but if something works for your hangover, who cares? Even if it’s just the placebo effect, every little bit of relief counts.

How do you get rid of a hangover?


Comments (2)

  1. James Bryant says:

    Best to prevent the hang over. Eat cheese before drinking, oily vitamins (E) works for me. Ya gotta line the stomach. Remember, booze is absorbed through the stomach lining, (no, going potty don’t help, by then it already in your system. At least I can enjoy my e-cig and have a drink or two. At least if I fall asleep I won’t burn the house down.

  2. Susan Papineau says:

    Dry burnt toast!