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Taking the “Omni” out of Omnivore – an Ecig Fan’s Guide to Feeding the Finicky

Filed in Lifestyle by on September 11, 2014

Food. It used to be so simple. If you invited ten people over for a BBQ, ten people would show up at your house, expecting to be fed some kind of meat, a few starchy side dishes and maybe a sheet cake for dessert. Try hosting a BBQ in 2014 and you’ll end up with more special requests than you can shake an e cig at. It seems like the modern American, faced with a food surplus, has reacted by restricting their consumption of a variety of things; carbs, gluten, meat…the list goes on and on.

Still feel like hosting that BBQ? (We admire your perseverance!) Since meat is ostensibly, the main attraction of your cook-out, you’ll likely get a number of requests from the vegetarian crowd. Or is it vegan? Is there a difference? We’re glad you asked!


ecigs are veganThe most extreme of the meat-avoiders, vegans eschew any product sourced from an animal. The vegan diet is less a diet and more of a lifestyle; extending beyond food to include things like clothing, household cleaners, even medications. Vegans do not consume anything made with meat, dairy or eggs. You may be surprised to discover how many seemingly meatless foods violate the vegan diet. Marshmallows (gelatin is made from animal collagen), Worcestershire sauce (contains anchovy), BBQ-flavored potato chips (chicken fat is used as an additive) and perhaps the most surprising, orange juice! (Many commercially produced orange juices are fortified with Omega-3s, derived from fish.) So what can you feed your vegan guest? Stick to veggie skewers – but hold the marinade, just in case.


e cigs are vegetarianVegetarians are your basic meat-avoider. These people do not consume the flesh of any animal, but are likely to eat dairy and eggs. Put simply, a vegetarian does not consume anything that was ambulatory in its natural state, e.g. fish. The strictness of a vegetarian diet, however, varies widely and is a matter of preference. Some vegetarians limit their avoidance to the meat itself, but would, for example, eat chicken broth if there are no pieces of chicken in it. Your vegetarian guests will enjoy your veggie skewers, but make sure you’ve got plenty of potato salad and cheese dip, too.

do vegetarians eat chicken


Do you know anyone who “doesn’t eat red meat or pork”? There’s a name for it: Pollo-Pescetarian. A pollo-pescetarian diet includes dairy and eggs, as well as seafood and poultry. Pollo-Pescetarians typically adopt this diet for health reasons; citing heart wellness and cholesterol as motivating factors. While many vegans and vegetarians can (and will) tell you how long it has been since they consumed meat, pollo-pescetarians generally take a less rigid stance; occasionally indulging, depending on the situation. Throw some chicken on the grill and these guests should be good to go.

What about ecigs?

You’ll be happy to know that ecigs are…vegan! E cigarettes contain no animal products, so they can be enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-eaters, alike. (Keep this tidbit handy if you find yourself best ecigarette enjoying an e cig in close proximity to a strict vegan. Odds are, the question will come up.) Offer your guests the full array of V2 e cig flavors or keep it simple with a few V2 Disposable electronic cigarettes.

So, put together your guest list and clean off the grill – you’re about to host one heck of a BBQ.


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