Get 2 Shorties for the Price of 1

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v2 buy one get one ecig free

It’s a Buy One, Get One Free Sale on V2 Shorty Batteries! Shop the V2 online store on Oct 27-28 and you’ll get two Shorty Batteries for the price of one. Order two automatic, two manual or one of each; this offer is good for both models. Available colors include black with a blue LED tip, metallic blue with a white LED tip and stainless steel with a blue LED tip. Not valid for white Shorty Batteries.

As our smallest battery, the V2 Shorty is a great fit for our stealth vapors or anyone who prefers not to call attention to their ecig. Because of it’s compact design, a Shorty Battery may need to be charged more frequently than a longer battery, so fans usually keep a spare Shorty with a full charge on hand. This two-day promotion gives them that spare for no additional cost.

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  1. I’m trying to order the V2 cig starter kit for 69.99 and these batteries. Menthol and in blue, or chrome. Hope they are as good as they claim.

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